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With 6 years of cumulative experience in Planning, Urban Design and Architecture nationally and internationally, I become a professional urban designer who works in a self-directed manner in all aspects of the design process. I am relied upon for design, research, analysis, programming, digital modeling, graphics for design documents,  preparation of presentation materials and reports. Furthermore, I emphasize the integration of systems thinking, contextual adaptation and sustainable methodologies.
I am actively engaged with Regional Planning, Master Planning, Urban Regeneration and Mixed Use & TOD in both U.S. and China. My specialties include vision plan, urban design, especially urban design competitions in China, specific plan and design guidelines. Furthering the aim for urban regeneration and sustainable development, I seek out solutions that greatly enhance living environments, evoking ecological synergies between built, social and natural realms that build upon the unique qualities to the site’s context, climate and character.
I believe it is so valuable and significant to work with a multidisciplinary team, in order to come up with innovative solutions for urban issues and create the vibrant and meaningful places for people. I would like to bring to the table a wide variety of technical knowledge, creative problem solving skills, people-centered design approach, placemaking  philosophy and environmentally responsible consciousness.

For my career plan, I have a notion about drawing a cross-line between U.S. and China from an urban designer's perspective. China needs some professional help to reshape, recalibrate and rethink of the megalopolis. Meanwhile, booming cities in China are also looking for a right direction to evoke ecological synergies between built, social and natural. I think it is my responsibility to introduce high-profile architectural firms to China to enhance its living environments. I believe it is a win-win situation.


Perkins+Will, San Francisco, CA, US, URBAN DESIGNER

During those four years working for SMWM / Perkins+Will San Francisco urban design group, I not only obtained much experience in Regional Planning, Master Planning, Urban Regeneration, Mixed Use & TOD, but also accumulated abundant thoughts about design approaches, design process, working tools, presentation media and final productions.
I have worked on various projects at a range of scales, such as long-rang regional planning (San Fernando Valley); international urban design competition (Nansha in China); urban regeneration of downtown, waterfront and significant streets (Market Street in San Francisco and Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles); mixed use development (Seawall in San Francisco); TOD community (Station Park Green in San Mateo); and awarded sustainable community plan (Treasure Island in San Francisco).
I work in a self-directed manner in all aspects of the design process, including research, analysis, programming, preparation of design documents and presentation materials:
• Analyzing site existing condition;
• Gathering and Evaluating basic information;
• Converting statistical data to readable diagrams;
• Identifying design and planning issues, challenges and opportunities;
• Thematic researches related to site, design concept and so on;
• Providing multiple design options;
• Illustrating design concept with overall / subject-specific framework diagrams;
• Series of detailed design analysis diagrams in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop;
• Processing shadow study and view study in Ecotect;
• Illustrative plan and illustrated street section;
• Digital modeling in Sketchup/ Revit and 3D spatial analysis;
• Preparing report and interactive PDF presentation with Adobe InDesign.

Main Projects:
- Regional Planning
Northeast San Fernando Valley Vision Plan (2009-2011);
- Master Planning
Edmonton City Centre Airport Lands Design Competition (2011) / Design Guidelines (2012- ongoing);
Nansha Seaside New Eco-City International Competition (2010);
The Town Center At Panamá Pacífico - Design Principles + Design Guidelines (2008-2009);
- Urban Regeneration
Better Market Street (2011- ongoing);
Sunset Boulevard & Civic Center Urban Design Plan & Guideline (2008-2011);
Menlo Park Downtown + El Camino Real Specific Plan (2009-2012);
San Diego Downtown Design Guidelines (2008-2009);
- Mixed Use / TOD
Mission Rock Seawall Lot 337 (2011-ongoing);
Treasure Island And Yerba Buena Island Design For Development (2009-2011);
Station Park Green Specific Plan & Design Guideline (2008-2011).

Jun 2008 - Sep 2012


Thanks to a large number of design competitions, China was an excellent start point for my career as an urban designer. In my first two years, I was involved in three large scale urban design competitions. It was so helpful to improve my graphic skills, design approaches and logical thinking.
I also worked closely with Planning Department of the City of Shenzhen on the long-rang Regulatory Detailed Planning. I prepared the land use plan, report and presentation for the community engagement process. I established strong working relationship with the clients.

Main Projects:
- Urban Design Competition
Conceptual Plan of Xinbu Island, Haikou (2005-2006) - First Prize;
WJZH Business Park Urban Design Competition, Ji’nan (2006);
Yuhuan Southern District Urban Design Competition, Wenzhou (2005) - First Prize.
- Land Use / Regulatory Detailed Planning
Statutory Planning for Central District in Shiyan, Shenzhen (2005-2007);

Mar 2005 - Jan 2007


Harbin Institute of Technology, SHENZHEN, MArch, Urban Planning and Design

Sep 2002 - Jan 2005

Harbin Institute of Technology, HARBIN, BArch, Architecture

Sep 1997 - Jul 2002

Areas of Specialization 


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