Christopher Quizhpe

Christopher Quizhpe

Selden, NY, US


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                        Hello to all reading my profile. My name is Christopher Quizhpe and i graduated The New York Institute Of Technology with my four year degree in Architecture in 2012. I have been in the field since i was in High School. I had been taking classes all through out my education and i truly believe that it has been a  great asset through out my college career. I am also the founder of Evolution53 an art movement that is none like any before. What i am trying to accomplish with Evolution 53 is a awareness of the arts. We as a society classify all we see from good to bad to ugly to nice. I look at art and wonder why it has to be  compartmentalized and segregated. We are all artists in what we do. From the student who draws to express himself  to the musician who plays a sold out concert we all look to express ourselves in the best way we see fit. What i have done with Evolution 53 is started to combine all the arts together and showing the public that we are a generation of thinkers and creative minds not just of hammy down ideas and thoughts. With the help of many artists, musicians and other great thinkers i have put together that encompass art as a whole but also respects each individual discipline. Through out my ventures i have come to the realization that learning and involving yourself with creative and innovative minds can only further your growth as a person and pave a path of knowledge that is empirical to prospering in any field. With that being said i appreciate the time you have taken to read about yours truly and look forward to getting to know you further.            

                                                                                  Thank You



Wal-Mart Vision Center, South Setauket, NY, US, Vision Center Technician

At the vision center I Pre- test vision center Patients with state of the art machines. I work with the doctors to further assist the patients in their eye care needs. I sell optical tools for a better standard of life to patients who need or inquire about them. I troubleshoot the patients needs and problems as to do whats best for the patient. And lastly and most importantly i always keep the patient happy and in good spirits in the hope of future business.

Aug 2010 - current

Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY, US, Architectural Intern

At Brookhaven National Laboratory i helped engineers and architects with the design , construction and inspection phases of projects. I worked thoroughly with clients and the input they decided attribute to the project. I worked hand in hand directly with clients and supervisors directly. Designed structures and facilities which still stand today. Worked on many task at once and with many supervisors at once. Drafted and worked in 3d programs to accomplish necessary goals.

May 2008 - Jul 2009

Wal-mart Stores, Inc., Centereach, NY, US, Electronics Associate

At the Electronics department i produced valuable information to shoppers in order for their purchase to go accordingly well. Worked with customers to satisfy their needs. Sold electronics to customers.

Aug 2005 - May 2008


New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Old Westbury, NY, US, Bachelors, Architecture

Students in the program concentrate their studies in advanced computer aided design (CAD). With a focus in advanced CAD. candidate undertakes upper-level courses on the use of computers in areas such as the preparation of construction drawing, the planning of advanced structures, and the preparation of three-dimensional visual representations, as well as the use of computers in modern construction management. Upper-level courses in contract management, construction supervision, and real estate fundamentals.
Two semesters of design fundamentals in the first-year design studios introduce the student to the basic principals of 3-D design through a series of composition, planning, and introductory design problems. In the second year, progressively more demanding problems, in addition to significant building design analysis exercises, are undertaken.

In the third year, students are required to solve architectural problems involving small but increasingly complex building programs. Urban, community, and building design programs requiring inventive structural systems are emphasized in the fourth year.
In the fourth and final year of the curriculum, the student is required to complete a capstone Project Integration Studio in which all aspects of a building's design and architectural technology are fully explored and integrated into one comprehensive exercise. Although the design studios form the core of the experience at the School of Architecture and Design, complementary avenues of study and inquiry operate as essential aspects of the program and the training of students. Courses in architectural history introduce the student to the history of the built domain from the earliest times to the present. Methods of historical building design analysis and interpretation are introduced to the student through the study of great architectural monuments, as well as through the study of cities. Architectural history is introduced not only as a chronology of building development, but as a body of knowledge, an anthology, that serves as a tool in the design process. In addition to the survey courses, the school offers history seminars in areas such as architectural theory, the history of building technology, and the history of urban planning

Jan 2009 - May 2012

Suffolk County Community College, Selden, NY, US, Architectural Technologies- A.A.S Degree

This program is designed for students interested in training for technician-level positions
with architecture, construction and engineering firms. The program places emphasis on architecture
and structures to prepare students for positions such as architectural drafters, estimators, energy
auditors, materials testers and construction supervisors.

Jan 2006 - May 2009

Suffolk County Community College, Selden, NY, US, Advanced Architectural Drafting Degree

This one-year program is intended for students who wish to begin a career in computer-assisted drafting and design, update their existing professional skills. Emphasis is on CAD drawing for architecture, construction, design illustration and presentation.

The rapid expansion of computer graphics is creating many new and exciting career opportunities. Graduates will be prepared for entry-level positions with architectural offices, construction and engineering firms, communications and manufacturing companies and government agencies.

Jan 2006 - May 2009

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