Juliana Ziegler

Juliana Ziegler

Los Angeles, CA, US



Dear Sir or Madam,


Please consider me for the position of Architectural Designer. I have ten years’ worth of professional industry experience including urban, commercial and residential as well as landscape architecture design. I would classify my design style as modernist and green / environmentally conscious. My work style is very similar to the software development phenomenon of ‘Agile Development’ such that I engage my partners, the stakeholders for whom I’m developing in like manner. I will take the business requirement and translate that into a techno-functional requirement based on my skill in Architecture vis-a-vis the Autocad software. I am also incredibly versatile with a number of Adobe software platforms including Photoshop and Illustrator among others such as MSFT Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access) and Visio.


I have a keen eye toward design and can formulate a plan, with a strategy and tactics for completing a project on time and budget with respect to the stakeholder requirements. I have been using Autocad, in particular, for over 15 years and am able to utilize every function and aspect of that platform suite. Wherever or whenever there is a gap in understanding or methodology I will design images and other relevant collateral for the client in order to facilitate a functional plan that meets stated specifications which are amenable to all parties – including and especially the investment stakeholders.


I have held the title of Designer and Architect. I started working in this industry for my parents’ company, a geological firm engaging in site assessment for real property evaluation, transfer, and environmental site assessment and characterization as well as groundwater modeling for new Real Estate development initiatives. That experience conferred upon me an eco-friendly / environmentally sustainable perspective, which I apply to all my projects. I will provide high value to your firm in the area of Architectural Design as well as that from a perspective of ‘green’ or eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable in terms of industry best practices with respect to Real Estate Development and [residential / commercial] building (as well as landscape) Design.


I see myself as a key contributor to your team in terms of architectural design. I understand the design of the built environment is a collaborative endeavor and I am adept in developing design strategies, implementing new technologies and methods including the use of sustainable materials toward the goal of producing a sound design strategy. I am skilled in collaborating with various teams and stakeholders, providing key communications to facilitate awareness and timely as well as accurate results to achieve bottom-line results in a timely, orderly fashion. I define and implement standards according to best practices as well as take and give advisory regarding the same to my team members and cross-functional teams. I provide clear, thorough and concise documentation regarding strategy in accords with needs of my team and given priorities.


Thank you for your time. Please call me at your earliest convenience to schedule a time to discuss this further. Thank you!



Best Regards,


Juliana Ziegler


LaZerCad, Los Angeles, CA, US, Field Surveyor (Part-time, On-Call Employee)

• Provided online walk-through, site documentation, 360 videos, measurements, drawings, floor plans, elevations, and details for retail, grocery, banking, and restaurant industry clientele at projects such as: Stanford University, Union Bank, and Kroger.
• Provided 360 degree imaging for properties using mobile field data acquisition and cloud-based data deployment systems; utilize lazer technology via triangulation to measure most rooms from the doorway and deliver as-built plans from the field to an in-house architectural team.
• Leveraged 360 hi-res imaging camera technology to shoot, stitch, and send object links to survey plans on a cloud server where clientele can access via desktop web or mobile device the portfolio.
• Used Building Information Modeling (BIM) data of the walls, doors, windows, floors and partitions to provide design team with a complete 3D model of the buildings surveyed.
• Analyzed DWG file for data quality with respect to all lazer dimensions captured by the LazerCad utility.

Jan 2014 - current

Studio H inc landscaping architecture, Los Angeles, CA, US, Architectural Designer

• Provided residential design services contoured to various budgets, sizes and styles throughout California, Arizona, and international locations.
• Completed construction documents for city approval.
• Provided marketing advisory for clientele; collaborated with customers and liaised with stakeholders vis-à-vis site documentation and design planning service operations.
• Provided Design services specialized in Landscape Architecture.
• Developed schematic design phases, site documentation, geospatial artifacts design and rendering, graphic design, and renderings for affordable housing management as well as high-end residential projects.

Nov 2012 - current

Arquitallar, Los Angeles, CA, US, Architectural Designer (Freelance Contract)

• Provided residential architectural design services for the city of Glendale’s Historic Preservation District.
• Provisioned complete full set construction documents, 3D models, physical building models, details, and design for a large multi-use commercial project consisting of 98 units located on Colorado Blvd, near the 5 freeway.
• Responsible for overseeing submission and approval process regarding city zoning codes administration for the project.
• Multi-Use housing district commercial project designing a Multi-Use housing district on Colorado St. Glendale, Ca.

Jul 2013 - Jan 2014

Hightower Real Estate, Los Angeles, CA, US, Architectural Designer (Freelance Contract)

• Provided residential design services for Beverly Hills mansion clientele including development of full set construction documents, design, and details for city approval.
• Provided materials studies, budget estimation and reconciliation advisory, as well as consultation for onsite construction services operations.
• Provision site documentation, photography, measurements, and advisory regarding city codes.
• Provided graphic design and website development services and consultation.

Jan 2013 - Jul 2013

Menemsha Construction Solutions, Los Angeles, CA, US, TI Planning & Management Consultant

• Provided full set construction documents and site documentation for clientele in restaurant and banking industries.
• Developed design plans of existing structures / as-built projects as well as demolition and proposal design documents for said structures.
• Provided advisory for clientele; collaborated with customers and liaised with stakeholders vis-à-vis site documentation and design planning service operations.
• Utilized 3dvr technology (Photographic Surveys combing 360 degree photographs with Laser2CAD drawings) as well as Building Information Modeling (BIM) data of the walls, doors, windows, floors and partitions to provide clientele a complete 3D model of the buildings surveyed (360 degree videos of the property).

Jan 2012 - Jan 2013

Northwestern Inc., Los Angeles, CA, US , Designer (Internship)

• Designed and drew cabinets for bespoke Architectural woodwork.
• Developed floor plans, building layout design drawings, as well as provided details of shop installations for projects such as: La Live, JW Marriot, Hotel Belair, and the Ritz.
• Client design & planning material submission details included: interior connexions, both parts and ornamental.
• Provided site documentation including: field measurements, photography, and design drawings.
• Liaised with and consulted client stakeholders regarding desired materials, products, colors, and size specifications given client’s stated budget.
• Provided detailed Excel and Word documents of request and budget.

Jan 2009 - Dec 2011

GeoSystems, Los Angeles, CA, US, Cad Drafter Technician

• Environmental, Engineering, Geology, Geotecnical Engineering, Consulting Services.
• Specializing in challenging residential, commercial, and industrial development projects.
• Completed drawings topography of soils engineering reports in Autocad for review.

Jan 2003 - Dec 2005


Woodbury University, Burbank, CA, US, BArch, Architecture

Jan 2006 - May 2009

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