Lesley Loo

Lesley Loo

New York, NY, US


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I am a college student attending University at Buffalo majoring in architecture. I am looking for an internship/position at a firm that is able to help me expand my knowledge of architecture and is also willing to allow me to assit them in minor tasks. I am tidy, creative, innovative, efficient and extremely diligent.


Little Sweet Genius, Flushing, NY, US, Teacher Assistant/ Arts and Craft Teacher

I assisted students with their homework, assigned them classwork and maintained order within the class room.
During the summer, I teacher students various arts and crafts projects. Depending on the grade level, they receive different projects.

May 2010 - current


University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, US, High School, Architecture

In my field of study, we go through a roller coaster of emotions. They range from excitement, anger, sad and stress. After learning new techniques, we are assigned with new projects to complete by the following day. Despite the mistakes everyone makes, we learn from them. We also learn how to deal with our time and how to make the best of it. Through out the year, we gained a lot. We developed relationships with one another and with our professors, learned how to manage our time and also learned more efficient ways to convey various tasks.

Aug 2011 - current

Fiorello H. LaGuardia Highschool of Music and Arts & Performing Arts, New York, NY, US, High School, Art

Considering this unique school, I was able to expand my horizons. In one class I would be surrounded by drama majors and in the next class I would be surrounded by vocal majors. What amazes me the most is that in each of my classes, I could be sitting infront of the next Picasso or Frank Lloyd Wright. I was able to learn various, beneficial strategies from my architecture, anatomy, photography and art history classes. I learned how to depend on myself, yet at the same time, accept help form others when needed. I learned that everyone has their own vision, their own definition of art and their own way of expressing it. Lastly, I learned how to work with new material, regardless of how new it may be to me.

Aug 2007 - Jun 2011

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