Robert Koshgarian

Robert Koshgarian

Los Angeles, CA, US



To “whom this letter may concern”,
This is the first page, of one series, at the beginning of my
life’s work. I am a student and I am a professional; sometimes
I am an artist. Mostly, I am a child playing with progressive
toys. This is what being an architect means to me.
A symbiotic relationship between the ability to play freely,
then refine completely.
Having attended the “Southern California Institute
of Architecture,” I had the time to appreciate value in abstraction,
as I have always been subjective to detail. For
this time in school, all I did was create. Friends came and
went, family stood idle and life stood still. This static condition
caused by architectural discourse redefined my biases.
Simplifying my looking glass, so I may re-view the
world around me. Letting me finally see for myself what I
like beyond my nurtured insight.
I was born to design, define, and create. I began
to find it impossible to fall into any singular position in either
field. Always being compelled to pursue more. I excelled
in a bit of this and a bit of that; some would consider me a
know it all. I see it as if I wore to many hats and I carry this
dynamic work ethic proudly.
At times, I am a surrealist and at times I am an architect.
This is not just because I draw buildings and paint
strange pictures. It is a desire that which supersedes reality,
a super reality, a surreality. I enjoy the exercise of playing
with features, elements, characters, and details our
senses use to define reality. Visualizing possibilities that
lay just beyond what is observably real to us. A beautiful
tango of fact and fiction, real and unreal ...this is my insight
to design, but not to life. In everyday life, I ware a different
Thank you,



Linear City Development, LLC, Los Angeles, CA, US, Architect

Linear City Development, LLC.
Development of Industrial/ Commercial buildings
into Residential and Retail businesses
• Research, Schematic Design, Space Planning, Change
order drawings, fixture/furniture/Material Sourcing,
Construction Document Creation, Shop Drawing, Construction
Detailing, Cabinet and Mill work planning, asst.
Construction Supervision, asst. Project Management,
Construction Scheduling, Permitting, Site Safety Supervision
(OSHA), and Material Counts, presentation conent
and materials, video editing, and documentation for current
• 2D/ 3D CAD Operator; using: AutoCAD 2013, Rhino 3D,
and Cinema 4D, adobe premier, adobe after effects.
• Office software: Excel, Word, In-design, and Acrobat.

Aug 2012 - current

The Cherryl Alan Design Group, llc., Tarzana, CA, US, Design Assistent

The Cherryl Alan Design Group, LLC
(Formerly named: Trai Beverly Hills)
Residential, Commercial, and Hospitality Interior
Design and Architecture
Presentation and Document Creator, Manager
• Research, Schematic Design, Sketch to Digital translation,
Layout, and print specialist for all current projects.
• 2D/3D CAD Sole Operator; using: Sketchup, AutoCAD, and
Plan 3D.
• Viral Marketing Coordination for all social media platforms and
archival management.
• Client relation and handling for high profile entertainers and
corporate entities.

Oct 2003 - Oct 2007

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, llc., Los Angeles, CA, US, Store Planner (MNGR II)

The Coffee Bean & Tea leaf (CBTL)
Specialty Food/Beverage Retail and merchandisers
Store Planner, Manager II
• Research, Schematic Design, fixture/furniture arrangement,
Material/ furniture Sourcing, Graphic/Advertisement
placement, and POS/Merchandise planning for
new Local Southern California stores.
• 2D CAD Operator; using: AutoCAD 2000
• Graphic Design for Window Treatments and unique store
• Coordinator between real estate, marketing,

May 2006 - Oct 2006


Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), Los Angeles, CA, US, BArch, Architecture

Being a student of Architecture has become much like a full time position. My life has revolved around the conceptual and physical designs I have generated in my time with SCI-ARc. I have learned very valuable tools along the way and have had the opportunity to be connected with thousands of the greatest minds architecture has to offer.

Jul 2007 - Apr 2012

Areas of Specialization 

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