Parag Nandrekar

Parag Nandrekar

Pune, India



About the choice of a career.

I had a liking for Architecture right from my school days, which developed into an urge later.
I was good in drawing in my school days & from that days my liking was to draw sketches of
Structure & nature. I had won so many  sketching competition. That hobby had been helpful for me to take admission 

Efforts towards the fulfillment of my dream.

This dream of mine persuaded me to do better at Senior college level (12th Std) and I secured admission into one of the most leading and the only government recognized college in my city. The five year Bachelors degree course helped me to understand and implement various technical, aesthetical. ecological and environmental aspects of architectural design. Apart from architectural design studies I have also had knowledge of various other subjects like, Architecture, Urban Design, Building services, Building sciences, Landscape Architecture, History of world architecture and Structures.

Sensitivity, socio-cultural environmental concerns and context eventually formed the basis of my design process. Throughout these five years I have had the exposure of designing and understanding multiple building typologies such as Planning, Designing. It always interested me to know about an individual building and its immediate surrounds, which affect each other. Through this process of learning Architecture, I understood that it is not confined to individual buildings only but at a macro scale, it builds up the character and environment of a town or a city.

In my second and fourth year of Undergraduate studies our class had organised study tours to the Northern and Southern parts of India. Through such study tours I have had the opportunity to study the Architecture, Preservation the various geological and landscape patterns, the styles, the various materials, and the different periods of development which in all portray diverse Urban patterns across the country having a diverse culture. All these activities also gave me a chance to explore and enhance my quality as an individual, concerning sketching, photography and also tourism management to some extent.

Thus with the absorption of good Architectural,Design and Management knowledge from a recognized college, and under the guidance of well-qualified Faculty I completed my B-Arch degree successfully.

Ahead towards my professional career

Thereon with a positive attitude and cheerful enthusiasm I have been working as an assistant Architect in a architectural firm in Pune Maharashtra state,India. Our firm is a multi design firm and has the honor of wining a number of national competitions too. Here I have had the opportunity to individually design and Project management varied building typologies ranging from individual residences, A Mass Housing scheme, to a Commercial Complex.

I was also a part of the competition team that was working on the “Development of Minto Hall, Heritage Campus, Bhopal as a Convention Centre. This was a competition for the development of Minto Hall which initially was the Vidhan Bhavan, having a concrete history in Bhopal architecture. Here I was exposed to the various strategies that are involved in such large-scale projects. The exposure being towards issues in the diverse sectors like Architecture Land Use, Traffic control, Infrastructure, surrounding environment and Urban design ,Urban planning,  construction.

Simultaneously I was also exposed to another urban scale project, that of a multiplex which had requirements of multiple Theatres, a Shopping Mall, and also various Sports and Entertainment activities. This competition had already been won before I joined office yet I had the privilege of understanding the various concepts and the various strategies that were decided upon while finalizing the project. The main concept being, the pulling of traffic movement through the campus by proposing a main linear road through it. Thus this professional exposure has built in me various aspects like Time management, handling multiple activities simultaneously, the knack of dealing with clients and many others that are conducive for the development as a professional. I also started my own practice from 2006 till date. I have done various kinds of projects from bungalow, housing schemes to commercial buildings and  also various Interior and Landscape design projects.



Shishir Hande and Associates, Pune , India, Senior Architect and Associate

After the graduation from the college in 2003 I had joined to this firm as an Architect and after I had become Senior Architect and Associate in the same firm .till 2006.

Aug 2003 - Aug 2006


University of Pune, Pune, India, BArch, Bachelor of Architecture

We had five years degree course of Architecture in our University

Aug 1998 - Aug 2003

Areas of Specialization 


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