Maria Rengan

Maria Rengan

New York, NY, US



Job Position: “Senior Project Manager in NY”

Over 11 years of experience in ground up new construction for mid to high-rise projects in the housing, residential, hotel and hotel resort industries, executing roles from Project Architect to Senior Project Manager, taking on “lead responsibilities” in the management and the production of drawing sets and in construction administration. Diligent coordination of trades (i.e., engineering, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing and consultants, lighting, acoustic, pool, spa, etc.) as well as general contractors while actively and professionally interfacing with clients at all times, to deliver efficient and non-intrusive solutions which ultimately result in budget cost credits/reductions. Specialized in CAD design and communications skills with an ability and sensibility for space planning. Ownership of a deep understanding of the building complex (infrastructure and technical aspects) for core, shell and interior. Extensive knowledge of relevant building codes and ADA regulations.


Professional affiliations

2016 Member of AIA as International Associate Architect

2016 Member of (WHF) Women in Housing and Finance

1994-2016 Member of the Professional Organization of Architects in Rome,

Ordine degli Architetti di Roma e Provincia from 1994 till presen



MArch., University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy;

Major: Architecture Design (5 years; grade 110/110)

Professional Doctorate in Restoration of the Monuments,

University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy; (2 years; grade 70/70)

RA: Ilicenced in Rome, Italy (EU)



  • Excellence in autocad 2014, words & exel / Familiarity with Revit and Newforma

  • Ground up new construction/ renovations and conversions;

  • Familiarity with NYC zoning, Building Code, ADA

  • Leadership and organization skills;

  • Good Hand sketch skills;

  • SD-DD-CD and CA experienced

  • Consultant coordination including client / general Contractor management;

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills



Experience: (11 in the USA) 21 years total;

Residential Condo

Affordable Housing
Interior Architecture
High Rise



IBI Group - Gruzen Samton, New York, NY, US, Senior Project Manager

Projects: Two ground up new construction towers in NYC
- 333 Lenox Road, Multi-story Affordable Housing for senior citizens, Brooklyn, NY;
- 1792 3RD Avenue, Multi-story Residential Building, Manhattan, NY

Responsibilities: (CA) Construction Administration & (PM) Project Management;
- Review of submittals (Product Data, Shop drawings, Sample products, Warranty);
- Response to RFIs (including providing sketches and markups);
- Reviewing Change Orders for the client;
- Reviewing and signing off Requisitions, coordinating in-house invoices and outgoing payments to consultants;
- Meetings in-house and on Construction Site - Team composed of: Client, Developer, General Contractor, Bank representatives;
- Site Visits: involving noting and resolving of Field conditions, preparation of Site Reports with photo attachments;
- Project management extends to team work with coordination of Engineering Consultants (Mech., Plumb, Sprinkler, Structural) for joint response to submittals and RFIs and coordination of drawings from the GC's subcontractor's before receiving Shop submittals; Other management work includes revising construction drawings on realtime providing solutions to issues affected by field conditions before the GC proceeds with the construction.
- Administrative work conducted through correspondence and conference calls with Consultants, Client and GC

May 2015 - current

MK, Verona, Italy, Consultant for Architecture Services

Responsibiilty: Project coordination, presentation to client Developers, and Development of entire bid packages for 4 Large scale Residential projects in NYC.

Jan 2014 - Dec 2014

Mabx Design, New York, NY, US, Consultant for Architecture Services

Responsibility: Project management & development of the entire bid package, including drawing
furniture floor plans for a 12 story, fully furnished, Residential condo Project. Development at “One Fulton” Flushing Queens.
Coordination through organized meetings at Client's office, emails/phone. External Project team consisting of client developer F&T Group, Design Architects Margulies Hoelzli, Doimo Manufacturing Company, including travel to Venice Italy with Client F&T Group & Design Architect Margulies Hoelzli, to assist in the choosing of products specified for the Bid at the location of the Manufacturing company.
Bid Awarded

Jan 2012 - Jan 2013

RMJM, New York, NY , Design Consultant

Large Scale CD Phase
New Construction - Bahamar Casino & 4 Hotel Resort - Bahamas
Responsibility: My responsibilities were the design spaces of the BOH in the 3 level Podium which included Offices, and other functions (night club/casino etc).

Apr 2012 - Jul 2012

SLCE Architects, New York, NY 10003 , Project Manager

Project 99 Church Street: A High Rise New Construction - 67 floors - Mixed Use Hotel Four Seasons + Condos
Responsibilities: I was the Interior Project Manager/PA for 99 Church Street in Lower Manhattan, NY for the part of the Hotel Four Seasons. I was responsible for developing the entire package of the Interior architecture of the Hotel which included the production of a series of related drawings in the CD phase and coordination with the in-house team along with a large external team consisting of: Design Architects, Interior Designers, Consultants (struct., mech., Elect., Light., acoustic, sound equipment, pool...etc) and interfacing directly with the Client (Silverstein Properties) to ensure maximization of efficiency and work flow.
Project: The Seneca Casino at Buffalo, NY: I was responsible as a Project Architect, for developing the architectural drawings in the CD Phase for the Restaurant which represents the core ambiance of the Casino/Hotel Project;

Jul 2008 - Jan 2010

HTO Architect, New York, NY 10018, Project Manager

I was responsible for the Construction Administration, responding to RFIs, attending meetings in-house and at the construction site; for updating drawings after feedback from meetings and for the production of construction details.

Apr 2008 - Jun 2008

Karl Fischer Architecture, New York, NY 10012 , Project Architect

Low Rise; SD, DD
New Construction - condominium 10 story, Brooklyn NY
New Construction - condominium 5 story, Brooklyn NY
New Construction - condominium 8 story, Brooklyn NY
Responsibility:Core & Shell I was responsible for drawing, developing and overseeing the Project of Low Rise Residential Buildings in the Schematic phase (SD) and Design Development phase (DD), this involved drawing the interior and exterior architecture preparing the Zoning Sheets and Drawings DOB approval. Preparing of the same in DD Phase, Coordinating the in-house team for Tax lot plans and Attorney Gen. Plans. My responsibilities also involved Project Management conducted through Meetings and Coordination of an external team of Interior Designers, Engineering Consultants (struct., mech., Elect.) and interfacing directly with the Client at all times while generating in-house meetings.

Mar 2007 - Apr 2008

Helpern Architects, New York, NY 10003 , Project Architect

Medium scale CD phase
New Construction - New Utrecht HS- Brooklyn;
Maintenance - P.S. 132 - S C A - Bronx, NY
- New Utrecht HS I was responsible for the drawing and developing of the Project in CD phase for the 2 story addition of a new Cafeteria & Kitchen annex to the New Utrecht School in Brooklyn.
- P.S. 132 Bronx, I was responsible for preparing details for the Exterior masonry repair

Nov 2006 - Mar 2007

GENE KAUFMAN ARCHITECT, New York, NY 10012, Project Architect

Large Scale - DD phase
Conversion + addition of a Warehouse into a Condo, Brooklyn NY
Responsibility: Conversion Warehouse: I was responsible for drawing, developing and overseeing the Project for the Conversion of a four story Warehouse into a five story Condominium in the DD phase. This Involved producing drawings of the interior floor plans including a new floor plan for an additional floor to the Condominium and preparing the drawings for DOB approval. Responsibilities included Project Management work, coordinating an internal team of Junior staff, Engineer Consultants (struct., mech., Elect.,) and interfacing directly with the Client at all times and generating

Mar 2006 - Nov 2006

Dattner Architects, New York, NY 10019 , Design Architect

Small and Medium Scale Preliminary Phase:
New addition - Cafeteria and an ADA upgrade, Cultural Center - Wave Hill, Riverdale, NY
New Construction - a School for difficult children from age 0-5 Frog Rock
Wave HilI: I was responsible for drawing and developing the concept of a one story addition to a preexisting historic building in the preliminary phase. The project perceived the creation of a new and permanent space for the existing Cafeteria. In addition the project contemplated an ADA upgrade of the Wave Hill Cultural Center. I worked directly with the Principals of the firm.
FrogRock: I was responsible for developing the concept and drawings in the preliminary phase, of a school for difficult children from ages 0-5. The project conceived a two story building, with oval interior courtyards. Both the projects were brought to a presentation level before going on hold.

Oct 2005 - Feb 2006

Zaskorski & Notaro Architects LLP, New York, NY 10018 , Project Architect

Small Scale Preliminary Phase
Single Family homes (SD)
Dental Office (SD-DD)
Sidewalk Repair (DD)
Single Family homes: I was responsible for the development of drawings in Schematic Phase (SD) working directly with the Principal of the firm.
Dental Office: I was responsible for the development of a set of drawings in the Design Development phase (DD) coordinating directly with the Principal and with a technical Consultant.
Sidewalk Repair: I was responsible for the development of a set of drawings in the Design Development phase (DD) for the repair of a Sidewalk, coordinating directly with the Principal and with a technical Consultant.

Jul 2005 - Oct 2005

Maria Rengan Architetto, Rome IT, Owner - Principal

Commercial Projects:
Client: Bank of Rome
2001 Conversion of a retail into a Bank branch: TV 7
34, Via Nazionale Tiburtina Tivoli Completed in 2001
2002 New Bank branch n. 283
82, Via U. Giordano, Rome Completed in 2002
2002 Conversion of a retail into a Bank branch: CM 001
31 Plaza Garibaldi Castel Madama. Completed in 2003
2004 Renovation of the bank branch: RM131
278 Via Collatina, Rome Completed in 2004
2004 Renovation of a Bank branch: Guidonia Quattro
8, Via La Marmora, Guidonia Completed in 2004
2004 Renovation of the bank branch RM133,
886 Via Apia, Rome Design completed Dec 2004

Residential Projects:
Client: Anita Galigani
2003 Apartment Renovation in Via Eremo, Rome Completed in 2003
1992-1990 Renovation of four apartments
Via Eremo, Rome Completed in 1992

Client: Angradi
2003 Apartment Renovation in Via Della Resistenza, Rome Completed in 2003
1990 Renovation of a country house in Torvaianica Completed in 1990

Client: Capitano GFD
1990 Apartment Renovation in Via Eremo, Rome Completed in 1990
1987 Apartment Renovation in Via Canton, Rome Completed in 1987

May 1994 - Dec 2004


Sapienza - Università di Roma, Rome, IT, MArch, Architecture

Urban Architecture Design. Thesis was a "Specialized Library for Roman Art"
grade 110/110

Nov 1985 - Apr 1992


National Competition Examination position as Architect Director for the “Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Nomination

National Competition Examination for position as Architect Director, for the “Ministry of Cultural Heritage;
Obtained eligibility, classified as n. 30 out of 150 at the Regional Directorate of Emilia Romagna, Italy.


“Congress Center”, Rome, Italy, an international competition, Nomination

1998 “Congress Center”, Rome, Italy, an international competition held by the Municipality of Rome; participated as team member.
Project Captain: Prof. Arch. Ruggero Lenci;
The project received an honorable mention.


Areas of Specialization 


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