Domingo Abrusci

Domingo Abrusci

Bari, IT



Hi, I'm Architect Abrusci Domingo, I would like to draw your attention to my curriculum vitae,
to propose my candidacy for a possible partnership with your practice as described by the announcement.
CV are reported in the most important stages of my academic career and work. First, the
achievement in January 2011 of the single-cycle degree in Architecture from EU , Faculty of Architecture
"Valle Giulia" the University "La Sapienza" of Rome, creating a thesis in Architectural Composition.
During the university course, there are many experiences that I have been involved and trained, in addition to work
fundamental group for the preparation of exams, which have undoubtedly improved my skills in teamwork,
I would also cite the work part-time at the office of the faculty Erasmus, which allowed me to put myself in a new reality,
which have increased my dynamism and relational skills. In addition a further experience that allowed me to have a
training is the most comprehensive experience Erasmus, at the Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura
San Sebastian in the Basque Country in Spain, which has improved my ability to adapt to new situations and different
and that allowed me to confront a culture different from ours, as well as learning a new language.
I also obtained the qualification for the exercise of the profession in September 2011 at the Polytechnic of Bari
During his university career I have acquired and improved my knowledge of the Windows operating system, the Office package,
and various CAD, three-dimensional representation (3ds max course with certificate), and graphics;
such as CorelDraw and Photoshop.
The qualities that I have are: Creativity, perseverance, determination, clarity in situations of high stress, and of course a strong
in the will 'increase my skills. I would also like to confront reality as much as possible with the professional, so
that increase my experience, and develop new ones, comparing them with industry professionals.

Thank you for your attention


Sapienza - Università di Roma, Rome, IT, BArch, Degree in Quinquennal Architeture U.E

Architectural Composition, Technical Architecture, Urban Design, Construction Sciense, Engineering, Construction process and Construction Techniques, Material Sciense and Technological Design, Economy, Organization of sites, History of Art and Architecture, Architectural Restoration, Technical Drawings, Computer Graphics and Modeling.

Erasmus residence – 3 exams approved by the Erasmus project during my stay abroad, at Universidad de Pais Vasco, Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura.

Sep 2003 - Jan 2011


Competition of ideas – Participation open – Result 2nd Place - Civic Movement “Subiaco’s Change”, 2nd Place

Recovery and enhancement of the portion of the street of the Arch overlooking
Factories Ferrari, at Subiaco (RM) Italy


Areas of Specialization 


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