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I embody an entrepreneurial spirit and as such am always looking for ways to work more efficiently, develop a new marketing angle, attend the next big design conference, and foster professional connections.   Design is innate to my character.  Regularly attend events at AIANY, am registered at the NYC Design Center, and attend events at galleries and showrooms around NYC.  I see design as a way to solve problems.

Looking to join a firm where I can grow as a designer and architect as well as contribute to the long term sustainability and recognition of the firm.



TPG ARCHITECTURE LLP, New York, NY, US, Senior Project Architect

Work with some of NYC's top developers such as SLGreen, JLL, CBRE and GGP on their projects across the city. I'm involved in all aspects of the projects from space planning to interior fit outs, to construction documents, to overseeing construction. From roof top terraces to tenant fit outs on intermittent floors to redesign of public plazas and arcades, I'm effecting the NYC skyline from top to bottom.

Nov 2013 - current

Sayigh Duman, New York, NY, US, Senior Designer & Project Manager

• Create and present weekly design and construction review meetings to our firm’s retail clients.

• Manage all aspects of retail and condo projects including schedule, budget, client expectations,
consultant coordination, proposals, invoicing, AdServs, and ensuring overall project success.

• Train and mentor junior staff to work effectively on our retail and condo projects.

Apr 2013 - Nov 2013

SWA Architects, New York, NY, US, Project Manager & Lead Designer

• Managed as many as five projects at a time while completing actual work on the projects while also managing all consultant work, client expectations, budget, proposals, fees, adservs and maintaining project schedule.

• Created DWG drawing templates to help improve team efficiency and accuracy on projects.

• Created a weekly project progress report that allowed management to better assess project progress, profitability, and needs on a weekly basis.

• Involved in the hiring, firing, and performance reviews of staff.

• Worked with our expediting team on the permitting, expediting, inspection, and sign off of our firm’s restaurant projects in NYC.

• Created RFI logs and Construction Field Report templates that helped our teams more quickly and effectively address RFI’s and unforeseen site conditions; helping our projects better meet their budgets and time lines.

• Exclusively oversaw design and construction projects of NYC restaurants which were custom designed around the menu the chef envisioned for the restaurants. Projects included:

• Design and construction of Butterfly Supper Club in NYC through SD, DD, CD & CA phases (currently in CA phase set to open three months from now).

• Design and construction of Morini Ristorante in NYC through SD, DD, CD & CA phases
(currently in CA phase set to open four months from now).

• Design and construction of Costata Restaurant in NYC through SD, DD & CD phases
(design is currently under review at NYC DOB)

• Expansion and code compliance of Morini Osteria in NYC from CD’s through CA. Morini is an award winning restaurant, however the previous architect failed to design the restaurant in compliance with all building codes and properly close out all inspections and sign offs for the project; so my team and I worked to correct all those items for the restaurant while it was in operation and are planning an expansion of the restaurant with the Bureau of Standards & Appeals (BSA).

• Pleased with my team’s prior work for them, client Alta Marea Group handed Marea in NYC over to my team, which is an award winning restaurant which often appears on NYC’s Top 10 restaurant lists, however the previous architect had failed to design the restaurant in compliance with all building codes and properly close out all inspections and sign offs; so my team and I worked to correct all those items for the restaurant while it was in operation.

Aug 2012 - Mar 2013

Kenneth Park Architects, New York, NY, US, Project Manager & Lead Designer

• Project Manager on almost a dozen retail projects; beginning with conceptual design of the projects in SketchUp and Photoshop mediums, advancing to design development in both REVIT & CAD formats, and developing them into full construction documents and specifications.

• Manage client expectations, fees, proposals, and adservs.

• Established, developed and reinforced retail branding strategies for clients such as Tourneau, Clarins, & Halston including the development and mock-up of standards for Tourneau’s new signage and using OLED technology to design interactive and changing retail displays highlighting their product to customers who walk by their storefronts.

• Developed store prototypes & design standards for Clarins standalone retail stores, beginning with the design of their first ever standalone retail store in Orlando, FL.

• Created material boards to help client visualize designs and spec’ed all FF&E items to meet that vision.

• Designed new branding, signage, and programming strategies for retail clients such as Tourneau. For the redesign of their store at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, which is the World’s Largest watch shop, created a 3D animated walkthrough to virtually walk them through the redesign and how the spaces and vendors would be placed in the space and demonstrate how signage and branding standards would be implemented and coordinated. When I started the digital walkthrough during the presentation the client realized the “image” they had been looking at on the screen was a whole model we were going to digitally walk them through the redesign literally one step at a time, rather than just show them one rendering; the client’s jaws all dropped and “WOW!” was heard from each their mouths.

• Trained staff to efficiently complete very detailed building surveys; both interior and exterior.

• Present at community & municipal hearings; representing our firm, clients, and projects.

Sep 2011 - Jul 2012

NYC Department of Design and Construction, New York, NY, US, LEED & Green Development Coordinator

• Consultant on NYC inter-agency team comprised of NYC Planning, NYC DDC, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH), and the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) promoting health through design of the built environment.

• Trained over 3,500 professionals on Active Design by organizing and presenting at events such as NYC Fit City 6, AIANY & Urban Green.

• Developed new products with USGBC’s Research team such as the Active Design Index, the LEED Physical Activity Pilot Credit, and LEED 2012.

• Mentored cities on implementing models of successful built environment models used in NYC while fostering national partnerships with organizations such as HUD, EPA, NEA, USGBC,AIA, and GSA.

• Managed junior staff and hiring of interns for the Active Design Program.

Dec 2010 - Sep 2011

Portland Green Building Examiner, Portland, OR, US, Writer (view my articles at this link)

• Wrote discretionary reviews of interior design and architectural products to my readership.

• Scoured design showrooms testing and inspecting products to recommend to readers.

• Regarded as an eco-expert by USGBC’s Green Home Guide.

Aug 2010 - Dec 2010

The Art Institute of Portland, Portland, OR, US, Sustainable Interiors Instructor

• Developed and taught my own curriculum for Green Building, Sustainable Interiors, and LEED courses at the Art Institute of Portland.

• Identified and recommended resources and textbooks for Art Institute of Portland Interior Design students.

• Guided thesis students through term long sustainable interior design projects.

Jul 2010 - Dec 2010

[box] LLC, Portland, OR, US, Partner & Director of Sustainable Design

• Responding to RFPs resulting in awarded projects such as St John’s Alley mixed-use development.

• Doubled our client list in one year by managing existing client relationships while launching marketing and networking campaigns to bring new clients to the firm.

• Increased sales of client’s condo multi-family units at Rivers Condominiums by helping potential buyers visualize custom interiors for their unit through 3D renderings, material boards, and custom floor plans.

• Managed project fees, proposals, clients, consultants, budgets, proformas, and project schedules.

• Partnered with K&D Furniture, helping design and build custom kitchens for their clients in the Seattle, WA area and helping them visualize the custom designs through 3D renderings, custom plans, and demonstrating space planning and how the kitchens could be organized and function. Partnered with Urban Development Group on the installation and oversaw shop coordination and construction.

• Managed and executed the high-end custom build out of several penthouses in the Pacific Northwest, such as the Nissen Penthouse in Salem, OR and the Meriwether Residence in Portland, OR. Included Arch & Intr.

• Through the creation of marketing brochures highlighting the benefits and ROI of greening clients hotels, was able to secure contracts to “green” hotels through a partnership with EcoRemedi & [box].

• Taught Greening Through LEED & Passing the LEED Green Associates Exam courses. Students had 100% pass rate and continued to consult with me after taking course, as I guided them through their LEED projects.

• Designed a line of eco-friendly, modern furniture for EcoRemedi, including the development of the shop drawings with the fabricators, selection of all materials, sourcing, and hardware for the furniture, and helping the client develop a marketing and business plan for the furniture.

• Coordinated designs for the firm across multimedia including sketches, CAD DWGs, REVIT, 3D renderings, animations, Adobe CS, material and visualization boards, construction documents, specifications, and shop drawings for projects such as Lafky & Lafky Attorneys at Law and Gelfman Dental Offices.

• Managed all sustainable design & LEED projects for the firm such as Marion Parcade in Salem, OR, ensuring they achieved silver to platinum certification levels by helping the design team prioritize sustainability from the start through team ecocharettes, and revisiting green goals at each phase of the project.

• Renown designer Jeffrey D. Lamb* was one of my greatest mentors and became my first client when opening [box] LLC. Lamb and I worked on numerous projects together including Rivers Condominiums, Nissen Penthouse, Meriwether Residence, Escada Penthouse, Walla Walla Residence, and Marion Parcade. Also assisted Lamb with the marketing of his own company, J. D. Lamb Studios, and the graphic design and layout for his first published book. *Feel free to request articles from me highlighting my work with Jeffrey Lamb.*

Jun 2010 - Dec 2010

Sienna Architecture Company, Portland, OR, US, Architectural Designer

• Organized, trained, and oversaw a 6-person REVIT team for the firm.

• Head-hunted by the firm to make their construction document sets more efficient and effective which I implemented through strategies such as reducing the CD set of a new skyscraper by 12 sheets that were redundant and had previously taken team time away from pushing CD’s forward as they had to update the same information in many locations, while also working to make the CD set more informative and detailed and creating “standard” details for the team to refer to when creating similar details.

• Became one of our firm’s specialists in building envelope and exterior design; mentoring other staff on how to improve their envelope drawings and details while creating 3D details for our CD packages to ensure contractors understood how to properly waterproof complex intersections of building materials. Coordinated numerous building envelope types including curtain walls, stone panel systems, aluminum cladding, wood cladding, EIFS, stucco, and living walls.

• Performed master planning, programming, and visualization for a large multi-acre lifestyle development called Eagle Landing in Tigard, OR. The 3D models and visualizations my team and I created, were sent to China for additional rendering and entourage which I oversaw the quality and coordination of.

• Awarded several projects as assistant designer in national and international fast-paced design competitions in locations such as China and Dubai focused on LEED Platinum resort and lifestyle design. Oversaw the work of these design projects in China, which per Chinese Laws, are handed over to the government for their government and local workers to complete the CD’s and construction for from our design documents.

• Oversaw four McCormick & Schmicks Seafood Restaurants across the USA from SD
through CA. My skills for carefully detailing their construction documents and shop drawings were recognized by the client requesting our firm have me create a millwork package for their four most popular bar, banquet, and millwork designs and use those millwork packages to work with their local millworker to ensure the millwork for all their restaurants across the country were implemented as I detailed.

• Coordinated between the interior design of 1 Hotel & Residences, led by Yabu Pushelberg, and the core and shell design which was run by me and my firm. Managed all consultant work and oversaw QA/QC for this LEED Platinum Hotel with eco-luxury interiors for Starwood Capital. The hotel was publicized in several magazines such as Horizons Magazine.

Dec 2006 - May 2008

Ankrom Moisan Architects, Portland, OR, US, Designer

• Regarded as one of our firm’s building permitting expert; performed building code studies, coordinated permit submittals, and applied for necessary variances across code standards including IBC,UBC, UL, State and City Zoning, ADA, Universal and Fair Housing Act. This included creation of project schedule phases for the entitlements portion of the projects, coordinating city design reviews, and submittals on complex projects such as Ka’anapali Resort.

• Performed extensive proforma analysis to find the right programming for the sucess of client’s projects.

• Excelled at helping our team adhere to client design standards while also helping clients such as Starwood Capital, Trendwest, and Wyndham Hotels implement and visualize new branding imagery and designs.

• Oversaw hospitality team work, deadlines, schedules, designs, and presentations for architecture & interiors.

• Hospitality projects I managed and coordinated work and staffing for while managing clients & consultants:

• Expansion and redevelopment of Grand Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida through SD & DD phases.

• Expansion of Embassy Suites in Ka’anapali, HI through SD, DD & CD phases.

• Red River Timeshare Conversion in New Mexico through SD, DD, CD & CA phases.

• Remodel of historic Fechin Inn in Taos, NM through SD, DD, CD & CA phases.

Mar 2006 - Dec 2006

MG2, Portland, OR , Job Captain

• Regarded as our team’s change order guru by reducing Change Orders on retail design projects by 20% through optimization of coordination and project scheduling; organized training sessions and standards for our firm to help reduce change orders and complete them more effectively across our firm.

• Projects included over a dozen Target Retail projects from SD, DD, CD through all CA phases across the USA. Our retail team was recognized with Target’s Architect of the Year award in 2005.

• Responsible for the quality of project presentations and deliverables along with managing consultants and meeting client expectations.

• Performed programming and survey studies to help clients establish scope and phasing for their projects.

• Oversaw and coordinated our retail team’s work with an outsourcing firm in Shanghai, China which allowed me to redline work for the Shanghai workers, sending them work orders daily, to keep progress moving forward on our design projects almost 24-7.

• Promoted from Architectural Technician to Job Captain of our firm’s retail projects.

Jun 2004 - Mar 2006

Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR, US, Problem Solver

• What began as an internship providing high school students like myself at the time, unique opportunities in the business world, blossomed into a consulting arrangement, hired as a contractor to Intel over the course of the next seven years while finishing high school and college.

• Intel mentored and taught me the value of business process efficiency and communication skills, which are talents that have been an immense asset managing design clients, consultants, and colleagues in the architecture industry.

• Oversaw several pilot projects that were under performing and was tasked with making improvements to their performance and profitability. One such pilot program, called WebSuite, was receiving low stats, however I was able to successfully cut issues the program was suffering by 38% due to solutions I implemented; which included the design of new guides and scripts for internal teams, new materials and communication to the customer, and formation of a team to address is¬sues for the program biweekly.

• My talents were recognized internationally, and soon I was assisting the Intel Europe team in addition to the US teams; designing and distributing communication materials for Intel across the globe.

• By the time I decided to end my contract, to pursue Architecture after having successfully received my Architecture Degree and Business Minor from the University of Oregon, my unofficial title at Intel was Problem Solver and my day to day tasks were to simply solve any problems that came across my department and work to daily increase the efficiency of any processes I came across where I saw the possibility for improvement.

Sep 1997 - Jun 2004


University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, US, BArch, Architecture

BArch, 1999-2004
My education at the University of Oregon placed a strong emphasis on problem solving through design and approaching architecture through the lens of sustainability, studying under some of the greatest green minds in the industry such as G.Z. (Charlie) Brown.

Lundquist College of Business, Eugene, OR, Business Minor, 1999-2004
My minor in business has made my business communication skills superior to my design colleague’s and allows me to approach all aspects of the design business with an entrepreneurial mind.

Continuing Education, 2004 - Current
Believe in fostering my skills, absorbing from the world around us, and growing as a designer and business woman each day. Continually attend seminars, events and classes to further my skills through classes such as Cracking the Energy Code by AIA NY, Lighting Design by IES NYC, AIA’s National Conventions, Intermediate SketchUp & Advancing REVIT by ImaginIt Technologies. Typically carry one book on design and/or entrepreneurship with me at all times and at least 1-2 design magazines.

Sep 1999 - Jun 2004


Awarded St Johns Alley Project by the City of Portland, Award

The City of Portland opened up a design competition to re-develop City land in the St John's area. Together with my development team, I pulled together an award winning design and proposal that one us the project against many other talented development and design teams.


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