Haley Wilson

Haley Wilson

Kansas City, MO, USA



Recently graduated from Kansas State University with training that afforded one the opportunity to learn and work within many fields of the realm of design to establish a diverse yet solid design foundation. I am most passionate about design that connects to nature and embodies a dimension of social awareness to environmental repercussions. I am actively seeking a position within the realm of architecture and design.



Trader Joe's, Kansas City, MO, US, Visual Display Artist

A Visual Display Artist must draft, render, paint and model any project requested by Regional Management, In-Store Management, or Crew Members. These projects requests include but are not limited to the following:

▪ Drafting Typography and Rendering Product Images on Individual Product Shelf Labels (Prismacolor Markers and Drafting Pens on Cardstock)

▪ Designing Typography, Layout and Imagery then Painting on Large-Scale “End Cap” Chalkboards (Pastels, Water- and Oil-Based Paint Markers on Chalkboards or “Chalkboard Painted” Plywood)

▪ Designing, Developing and Building Daily, Seasonal and Sectional Displays (Any Drafting, Model-Making or Power Tools necessary to work with materials including Foam Core, Plywood, Dimensional Lumber embellished with Oil-Based, Water-Based, Acrylic or Spray Paints)

This job requires proficient self-motivation, creative passion, team-working capabilities, time-management and leadership. Since there are on-average approximately 100 Non-Artist Crew Members and 4,000 continually changing products, it is certainly not a position to be taken lightly. Aside from artistic duties, one is also required to perform all normal Crew Member duties as well, such as customer retail assistance on the sales floor, stocking and maintenance.

Aug 2011 - current

Hire Talent LLC, Administrative Assistant

As a staffing liaison, my duties included but were not limited to assisting the recruiters, account managers and management with the research and database entry of potential candidates and clients. This included the reformat and preparation of candidate and client resumes as well as managing the preparation of contracts and other necessary paperwork.
• Staffing Liaison
• Resume Reformat
• Contract Preparation
• New Business Development - Client/Candidate Research

Jul 2011 - Aug 2011

PlanetReuse, Associate/Intern

Development of two interactive structures using both the Autodesk program Revit as well as the 3D modeling program Rhinoceros. Both digital structure models displayed examples of how a client could potentially incorporate reclaimed or salvaged materials in any residence or commercial environment. Other responsibilities included managing all company social media networking channels as well as contacting sales representatives.
• Autodesk Revit Modeling
• Rhinoceros 3D Modeling
• Graphics Work
• Reclaimed Material Specification
• Social Media Networking Management
• Client Interaction
• Contacting Sales Representatives

Dec 2009 - Aug 2010

Kansas State University, College of Architecture, Planning & Design Summer Employee

As a summer employee for the CAPD, tended to any college need in preparation for the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters such as furniture construction and classroom repairs. Time management, cooperation and self-assertion played crucial roles in successfully completing all tasks.
• Spatial Organization
• Furniture Construction
• Time Management
• Cooperation

May 2009 - Jul 2009


Kansas State University, Masters, Interior Architecture and Product Design

Five-Year, Non-Baccalaureate Master of Interior Architecture + Product Design,

Area of Emphasis: Product Design

The final two Graduate semesters of Studio are reserved for the individual research and complete development of an original thesis project. Each student must cultivate a problem statement at their own discretion with the mentorship and guidance of IA+PD department head, KSU professors, as well as other industry experts and professionals.

Original Thesis Abstract: The Frostbite Prevention Glove

The dangers of cold weather have affected many regions of the world on a daily basis. Past experience has helped adults to prepare and protect themselves for present danger, although children have not gained an understanding of the threats. The goal of the Frostbite Prevention Glove was to create a glove that easily communicated the user’s active body temperature to them while providing a built-in heat source and air-barrier that would provide necessary survival essentials to extend onset time. After a thorough examination of the ailment, treatment and survival techniques, the design began to metamorphose. The various technologies in concert with nature became vital throughout the design process of the glove. With the complexities of frostbite, there was need to create more than one preventative solution for all of the potentially affected muscle groups. The subsequent preventative prototypes were designed to easily integrate into today’s society.

Aug 2006 - May 2011


EDPA International Builders Show, Competition Entrant, Nomination


Portland, Oregon Urban Infill, Competition Entrant, Nomination


Areas of Specialization 


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