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Parker Ammann

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I would not like to consider my self a stay in one place sort of person, but as the records will show I have essentially been in one place my whole life. Albeit slight variations of one place. I started off in the city of Garden Grove, California. The main highlights of which were listening to the Disneyland fireworks in the distance during late evenings after dinner and a great variety of foods. A majority of my life was in that city, with the exception of more than enough time in Huntington Beach, ending when I started university and made my way inland to Pomona. Since being thrown into the abyss that is Architecture school, I find myself thinking of the world in new ways, ultimately creating a chaotic understanding that I try to figure out every day. I am still in school, still trying to understand, still trying to learn, and in the very end of it all, getting by alright. 

Parker's School Blog on Archinect:

Dreaming Of The Present

Five years ago when I entered the Architecture school I never thought of just how big my thinking could be in thinking about society. By no means am I calling myself an anthropologist or anything of that nature, but I am caught in the especially prevalent ideology of the architecture student.

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Parker's School Blog on Archinect:

Idea and Image : It's One in the Same

Someone once asked me, "Don't you want to see it built? Don't you want to be an architect?" But for me, architecture always held a greater narrative. It was more about it's narrative and representation, and its ability to reach a broader culture. Heres to exploring its possibilities.

~Cheers, Saba

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Peter Tolkin Architecture, South Pasadena, CA, US, Designer

Oct 2016 - current

Roto Architects, Los Angeles, CA, US, Intern

Jun 2014 - Sep 2014


California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Pomona, CA, US, BArch, Architecture

Sep 2011 - current

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