Vilnius, LT

Track and field hall
Track and field hall
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Track and field hall

The goal of the project is an integral building and landscape design as architecture meets sensible natural context of Vilnele river valley in Vilnius. Broken architectonic shape of building mass and chosen materials reflects the continuity of nature towards designed elements. New natural layer covers the building program. Slight relief condition allows the most public basement floor for body building and water leisure activities to be opened towards the river valley with a public promenade. In upper floors light timber frame structure inhabits open spaces for sport and education activities.

As the aim of this project is to mask the monumental building mass into the context natural materials and proper details are chosen for roof and elevation coverings. The outer surface is covered by copper panels. To combine outdoor and indoor activities sliding panel system of perforated panels is designed for facades. This provides athletes possibility to create desired microclimate and required space for individual trainings.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Vilnius, LT
My Role: architectural design, project management
Additional Credits: E. Petroska


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