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Jan '13 - Mar '14

  • Fall 2013 studio: Non-Mechanical Repetition

    Last quarter (fall) I took a topic studio with Sarah Lorenzen entitled:

    "Non-Mechanical Repetition"

    We began by exploring issues of 2d represetation and repetition while studying artwork that dealt with processes of fabrication and craft. The quarter was split into two parts, one was the design of a full scale pavilion, and the other was the fabrication of a mock-up installation in the VDL house.

    In the design of these full-scale mockups (approx. 10ft x 8ft) for a temporary outdoor pavilion competition

    students were asked to consider formal issues such as patterning and ornamentation;

    tectonic strategies such as assemblage of parts and modular systems;

    and to accentuate the distortions that occur when going between digital design tools and analog fabrication methods.


    Project 1

    Mark Fagan and Adam Kernes

    Location: Ground Floor Seminar Room


    Project 2

    Helen Kang and Yan Aung

    Location: Ground Floor Courtyard DeckProject 3

    Samantha Ingallina and Annelise Denton

    Location: Ground Floor Central Courtyard


    Project 4

    Shawn Fuller and Andrew Cartwright

    Location: Bridge and Roof Garden House

    Project 5

    Barbara Gonzalez and Itzel Ortega

    Location: Balcony Richard Neutra Bedroom

    Project 6

    Juhee Park and Devin Miyasaki

    Location: Second Floor Dining Room

    Project 7

    Corey Pope and Sebastian Greider

    Location: Penthouse Deck

    Project 8

    Noam Saragosti and Kate Bilyk

    Location: Penthouse at Trellis


  • no shame !!

    Yes, shame...It has been far too long since my last post. The summer was a nice break, which consisted of living in LA, working, and traveling. I lived in Pico/Robertson area in a small backyard studio behind an empty house with my friend Chris Riley. I worked for a month and a half for a...

  • Surface Learning

    I remember last summer when I was talking to one of my mother’s friends about her son.  She told me that his middle school provides all the students with ipads and requires them to use it as the primary learning device. He said that they rarely take notes with pencil and paper anymore...

  • Interim?

    Last Wednesday (Apr. 3rd, 2013) we celebrated our  Spring Interim exhibit. We have three exhibits annually, which showcase the "best" students' works from the previous quarter. Not only is Interim a great opportunity to showcase the work, but it is a chance for us to gather, reflect, and get...

  • Hitoshi Abe visits Cal Poly Pomona

    Hitoshi Abe was the concluding lecturer in the winter quarter lecture series at Cal Poly Pomona.  This quarter's lecture series was entitled "Discipline." The common denominator of all the lecturers, was the way they delivered their clients something different from, or on top of what...

  • "Architecture Must Burn"

    Class: DECAF- Digitally Enhanced Construction and FabricationWorking off of Coop Himmelblau’s dictum, “Architecture must burn,” our class is attempting to fabricate a wax wall installation to ultimately burn at our quarterly department exhibit. This experiment focuses on...

  • Hi, my name is "________"

    My name is Noam Saragosti, I am currently a 4th year B.Arch student at Cal Poly Pomona.    I am terrible with introductions… I was born in 88’ in Kibbutz Yakum in the center of Israel. A kibbutz is basically a small commune, if you want to know more: this and...

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