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  • Death to the hype?

    It's 2010. I am still the naive 18-year-old first year student who is still easily impressed and not yet tainted by the harsh reality of life. I walked into Cal Poly Pomona's Interim Design Center (IDC) for the first time to attend the quarterly student showcase, which is strangely called Interim. The building's central bay is partitioned into several dense areas filled with beautifully crafted models, delicate hand drawings, and large posters. Everything I set my eyes on amazed me, and I couldn't help but doubt that I could ever create such lovely things with my hands. For two years, this same sense of wonder filled me as I meandered through the building during each Interim event.

    As soon as I became an officer for AIAS in my third year, I no longer had the pleasure of taking my time as I gazed at every single project on the walls. Rather, I was one of the people who set up and curated the event. I often found myself serving hor d'oeuvres to visitors, manning the drink station, and other mundane tasks. Now it is 2015, and every time Interim comes along, I am always scrambling through the throng of people to make sure shit just doesn't go wrong. 

    Even though my responsibilities somewhat prohibit me from fully enjoying the event, I hope that whatever I am doing ultimately allows other people to have fun. Unfortunately, I don't think this is the case.

    My fellow AIAS officers and I noticed that the Interim turn out has been relatively low as of late. Some of my colleagues believe students feel as though it is unnecessary to attend because "they've already seen it all." Although it is true that we must set up projects ahead of time, this has always been the case, so it should not matter whether or not people have already seen the displayed projects during class time. At the same time, there undoubtedly is a sense of transparency, due to our studio culture. Curiosity impels us to ask our classmates about their projects, or we walk around the IDC to see what everyone else is up to. But does mean that we don't care to see the result post-final presentation? Maybe people are uninterested in celebrating the supposed "best" work from the previous quarter. 

    I am unsure as to why less people seem to attend Interim, but I hope students will continue to care about their own colleagues' work, since we can learn so much from each other.

  • Winter 2014 Lecture Series

    This quarter Cal Poly Pomona's lecture series consisted of four diverse individuals from the architecture community. In the past, presenters sometimes adhered to a specific theme (i.e. sustainability, representation through drawing, etc.), but within the past three months, our guests each had...

  • Berlin Love Zone

    Frank Clementi's topic studio at Cal Poly Pomona, titled The Heresy of Function, explored the re-use and reprogramming of famous monuments.As a large-scale love hotel, the Berlin Love Zone brings people together in the same location where the Berlin Wall once stood. Within this 500-foot wide...

  • MIchael Rotondi interview with Orhan Ayyuce

  • Fall 2014 Lecture Series

    Cal Poly Pomona's fall lecture series, funded by Henry Woo, featured student-picked architects from the Los Angeles area. This quarter we also presented the Neutra Award to Michael Rotundi. 

  • Cal Poly Pomona Fall 2014 Interim

  • Cal Poly Pomona 2014-2015

    The upcoming school year brings change to the architecture department at Cal Poly Pomona. Lecture seriesFor many years, associate professor Axel Schmitzberger was the primary curator for the department's lecture series, but this school year a panel of faculty and students will take charge. While...

  • Senior project 2014

    With the switch of Cal Poly Pomona's architecture department chair in 2013, the curriculum has undergone a handful of drastic changes, including the senior project format. Rather than providing merely a 10-week quarter to design and produce a project, fifth years received the summer to do...

  • Collapse

    In the Film & Urbanism class I took this quarter, we studied societal collapse and its effect on urbanism by watching various documentaries and fictional movies. By analyzing films such as Manufactured Landscapes and Blade Runner, we were supposed to obtain ideas on how to portray our own take...

  • A small update

    Sorry for my lack of posts. I have become wrapped up in school once again. Now I am working at a firm as well, so that has consumed all the time I'm not spending on schoolwork.In the meantime, Cal Poly Pomona has hosted a number of top notch lectures this quarter.Alex Hogrefe holds a workshop of...

  • The glorified tent

    Within the past quarter George Proctor's winter topic studio focused on modular housing. Although we had the option of choosing program and users of the space, we were required to design a 500 sq. ft dwelling that incorporated space-saving techniques, such as moving furniture. The majority of...

    Midterm design proposal

  • Why, hello.

    Tagged introduction

    I am Nicole Magsaysay Doan, a fourth year architecture undergraduate student at Cal Poly Pomona. I am also the chapter AIAS secretary. I lived in the Bay Area for the first eighteen years of my life, and I am surprised to find myself in the Greater Los Angeles Area, especially since I used to...

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