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Ground/Work finalist teams reveal their designs for Van Alen Institute’s new street-level space

Collage of the three finalist designs by Collective-LOK, EFGH, and Of Possible Architectures (from left to right) Collective-LOK: Street screen Collective-LOK: Street screen from entry Collective-LOK: Office scenario Collective-LOK: Multi-projection exhibition scenario Collective-LOK: Lecture scenario EFGH: Street space EFGH: Exhibition hall EFGH: Discussion in the round EFGH: Bookstore with media mode inset EFGH: Exploded Isometric Of Possible Architectures: The new Van Alen Institute Of Possible Architectures: The Van Alen office Of Possible Architectures: The Van Alen Table configured as event seating Of Possible Architectures: Translating an architecture of relational tectonics Of Possible Architectures: The Van Alen Table

Collective-LOK: Multi-projection exhibition scenario

Collective-LOK: Multi-projection exhibition scenario

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