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The Brooklyn Tech Triangle as the next Silicon Valley?

One objective of the plan is to facilitate transportation within the Triangle, like extending current bus routes and adding ferry landings and improving bike paths. A 2012 study indicates Brooklyn as A section of the Brooklyn Strand, a Tech Triangle central commons intended to make better use of under-utilized spaces in the neighborhood. A rendering of the Brooklyn Rising that will symbolize the revival of Brooklyn. The Rising will serve as an observation deck as well as a tourist attraction. The balloon will be able to fly 600 feet and hold up to 30 passengers. A rendering of the reinvented Fox Square, intended to be a kind of Times Square for Brooklyn. The site's reinvention could include digital concrete, embedding sensors and other LED lighting effects to improve the plaza.

A 2012 study indicates Brooklyn as

A 2012 study indicates Brooklyn as "the place to be" for growing tech and creative businesses.

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