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d3 HOUSING TOMORROW - The 2013 Competition Winners

First Place: Life on the Ropeway by Die Hu, Boji Hu, & Yang Zhou (China) Second Prize: Biking/Living by Liu Qicai, Yue Kang, & Zuo Long (China) Third Prize: City Nomadism by Xijie Ma (China) Special Mention: CONSTRUCTED ECOLOGY: Mangrove Village by Gun Ho Min, Young Baum Oh, Seung Il Kim, & Byung Woo Ahn (Korea) Special Mention: ALTERNATIVE TYPOLOGY: Catena Hereditatis: The Ring of Heritage by Lukasz Brzozowski, Barbara Grzywa, Mateusz Klepadlo, Katarzyna Kuczynska, & Weronika Salach (Poland) Special Mention: URBAN/SUBURBAN INTERVENTION: The Urban Sub‐Urban by Tiffany Lau (Canada) Special Mention: ALTERNATIVE HOUSING INFRASTRUCTURE: Floating Nets by Ci Chen, Youchun Shi, Wenjuan Zhou, & Wenhan Hu (China) Special Mention: LAND DEPLOYABLE: Relocatable Housing by Yoon Ji Lee, Seock Young Lee, & Yu Bi Lim (Korea) Special Mention: SEA DEPLOYABLE: Bubble Breath I by Marta Borowik, Malgorzata Czarny, Agata Olga Rakowska, & Katarzyna Sosinska (Poland) Special Mention: AIR DEPLOYABLE: Up in the Air by Chu Ziyuan, Li Hanwei, Pei Zhao, Wang Moze, Yang Xiaodan, Zhang Wenjie, & Zhang Ranran (China) Special Mention: ADAPTIVE RE‐USE / VISUALIZATION: Value Added Landscapes by Marc Medland & Steven Rabet (UK) Special Mention: INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE: Underlivable City: The Day After Desertification by Jaeho Kim, Hyung Chul Lee, & Jong Eun Lee (Korea) Special Mention: SUSTAINABLE VERNACULAR: Screens as Ladders. Nets as Beds. by Alistair Reid, Camilla Pitt, Ross Perrett, Toby Ewert, & Will Leaf (Australia/UK) Special Mention: RURAL TYPOLOGY: Water Cell: Green Ecological Residences on Loess Plateau by Yunsheng Chen, Ran Tao, & Lili Xia (China) Special Mention: CLIMATE ADAPTATION: Living on Memories by Hou Zinjue, Guo Zhuang, Sun Qiuying, Xiong Ran, Cao Xiaoyu, & Qiu Shi (China) Special Mention: DYSTOPIAN VISION: One Home for All the Homeless by Andela Karabašević & Vladislav Sudžum (Serbia) Special Mention: NEW YORK INTERVENTION: New York Low Line by Fangshuo Liu, Jiajian Min, Mengshi Sun, & Zhekun Xiong (China) Special Mention: DIRECTORS’ CHOICE: Township Housing: Hybrid Typology by Walter Raubenheimer (South Africa) Special Mention: DIRECTORS’ CHOICE: Hurricane Arc by Wang Yeran, Zhang Yuanjun, Zhu Hao, & Chen Hongkai (China)

Third Prize: City Nomadism by Xijie Ma (China)

Third Prize: City Nomadism by Xijie Ma (China)

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