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Editor's Picks #305

Bernard Tschumi Architects, ANIMA Cultural Center in Grottammare, Italy. General building strategy- the main room and the four courtyards (sketch by Bernard Tschumi) Mariana Griswold Van Rensselaer. Photo © President and Fellows of Harvard College, Archives of Arnold Arboretum architectural salvage-part of the original NYC Plaza hotel for reuse on upcoming architectural remodel via Amy Green Minshara posters #2 via Michael Villegas Hatria | Cersaie in Bologna, Italy by Paolo Cesaretti Architetto (Photo- Stefano Stagni | Paolo+Stefano) Prototype *.4a in New York, NY by SOFTlab Modulo Prep Library (House for Ideas) CRO Studio. Modulo Prep Library (House for Ideas) CRO Studio. propose[EXISTING] via hsolie Belvedere Gardens in Salem via design:buildLAB via Alex Gomez via Alex Gomez

propose[EXISTING] via hsolie

propose[EXISTING] via hsolie

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