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Editor's Picks #302

WiFi Charting Shelter by Shirley Lee (depicted in signal mode) of New Horizons Iceland Expedition, which was a compendium of results from a trip The Bartlett School of Architecture Unit 3 took The contoured landscape underneath the knitted canopy exposes a series of interconnecting walkways that allow the Emperor’s army to scramble from one lung to another. © Thomas Hillier. © Thomas Hillier. Facade, from left- west, south, east, north (Image courtesy of OMA) Waleed Karajah bracket [goes soft] book launch in NYC Studio-X Global Network CZ Insurance HQ (meeting rooms) in Tilburg, The Netherlands by BARCODE Architects Central St. Giles in London, GB by Renzo Piano (Building Workshop); TERRART(r) Facades- NBK (a Hunter Douglas Company) City hall in the City of Astorga - it had an amazing mechanized belltower via Alexander Morley Quick sketch of León's famous Cathedral via Alexander Morley slate walls of Galicia via Alexander Morley ZIP- studio400 ZIP- studio400 Cultivation Capsules are used as a projectile in order to plant wildflowers being used for Apiary feeding into closed military areas (Suzanne Harris-Brandts)

slate walls of Galicia via Alexander Morley

slate walls of Galicia via Alexander Morley

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