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Two Projects Share First Place at 2012 Cleveland Design Competition - Transforming the Bridge

Detail of first place (tied) #12370 Board of first place (tied) #12370 Detail of first place (tied) #12151 Board of first place (tied) #12151 Detail of third place #12146 Board of third place #12146 Honorable Mention: #12128: Nadja Korbut, Anastasia Vaynberg - Russia Honorable Mention: #12321: Lauren McQuistion, Assad Abboud, Mark McQuistion - Washington, D.C. Honorable Mention: #12132: Brandon Young, Thomas Nester, Gabriel Fey - Lakewood, Ohio Honorable Mention: #12149: Crossboundaries Architects (Binke Lenhardt, Anne-Charlotte Wiklander, Hao Dong, Cristina Portoles, Diego Caro Serrano, Filip Galuszka) - Beijing, China Honorable Mention: #12150: Eva Goudron, Mariam Herdam, Chloe Leymarie, Baptiste Manet - Paris, France Honorable Mention: #12241: Danielle Lax, Joshua Graham, Ying Zheng, Yuan Yuan - Syracuse, NY Honorable Mention: #12335: Wurlitzer Architekten GMBH (Gudrun Wurlitzer) - Berlin, Germany

Board of first place (tied) #12370

Board of first place (tied) #12370

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