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Editor's Picks #288

DRX 2012 Mid-Review. (© DRX Team) Minimal surface catalogue - Sherk surface. (© DRX Team) Models (1-500)- ProtoTowers I-III (© DRX Team) This project is a healthcare village for seniors that Skip Schwartz was responsible for back in the 80’s. It is called the Grand River Hopsital Freeport Site in Kitchener, Ontario Lebbeus Woods Morris A Mechanic Theatre by John MacLane Johansen American Embassy - Dublin by John MacLane Johansen Casa Rural RCR arquitectes via christiang Musée d'Orsay in Paris by Gae Aulenti SIC TV Broadcasting Studios and logistic complex by Marco Rocha design and construction by Alexandros Logodotis - Art to fit. Photo- Nikolareizi Ioanna High Performing Thermal Mass in New Mexico via lawrencewspeck Galaxy SoHo Zaha (interior) Hadid by Martijn de Geus Galaxy SoHo Zaha Hadid by Martijn de Geus. Jose R. Oubrerie looking over our 3D prints. via Matthew Messner Habitat for Humanity ReStore intervention series (Oct 19 & 20) via farid rakun Educatorium (OMA) via IamGray

Educatorium (OMA) via IamGray

Educatorium (OMA) via IamGray

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