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Editor's Picks #276

Saint Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church; Springdale, AR by Marlon Blackwell Architect (Photo- Timothy Hursley) Fire Station No. 4, Columbus, Indiana, 1967, by Venturi and Rauch. Root Down & Reach Up! AECOM, Carve & Semple Brown Design team L’ARBRE A BASKET (schematics) via a/LTA architectes L’ARBRE A BASKET via a/LTA architectes Zawia #00 Zawia #00 (among the contributors).jpeg Piles of Debris on our way to Onagawa Temporary Housing about atleast 2 kilometers at an average of 25' high.... Literally a sh*t ton of trash with nowhere to go..for now I hope. via John Tubles Shizuoka Press & Broadcasting Building By Kengo Tange via John Tubles via Anthony Pins “Elevator B” official opening via Megan Blasnak “Elevator B” (official opening) via Megan Blasnak Architect Hans Peter Hagens with a model of Torvehallerne. Photo by Chris DeHenzel.

"NOTBLOX® Affordable Housing Project- Assembling Sustainable Communities with Insulating Concrete Forms.".

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