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Rainbow Massimal by Design Office Takebayashi Scroggin

Rainbow Massimal by Design Office Takebayashi Scroggin: Red/Orange Elevation (Photo: D.O.T.S.) Orange/Yellow Elevation (Photo: D.O.T.S.) Yellow/Blue Elevation (Photo: D.O.T.S.) Blue/Red Elevation (Photo: D.O.T.S.) Elevation Studies (Photo: D.O.T.S.) Red Elevation (Photo: D.O.T.S.) Scale Model (Photo: D.O.T.S.) Exploded Assembly Isometric (Photo: D.O.T.S.) Section 1 Templates (Photo: D.O.T.S.) Assembly (Photo: D.O.T.S.) Interior (Photo: D.O.T.S.) Inside the Belly (Photo: D.O.T.S.) Under Construction (Photo: D.O.T.S.) Red/Blue Elevation (Photo: D.O.T.S.) Massimal at 2012 Beaux Arts Ball (Photo: D.O.T.S.) Before the Ball (Photo: D.O.T.S.)

Elevation Studies (Photo: D.O.T.S.)

Elevation Studies (Photo: D.O.T.S.)

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