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Unit Fusion Housing Project by Y Design Office

The plug-in process of a customized unit begins... (Image: Y Design Office) A new alternative high-rise residential typology integrates within WKCD urban environment (Image: Y Design Office) Overall view of tower at 20% occupancy stage (Image: Y Design Office) Re-locating to 30th floor at west orientation to contribute to the expansion of the network and experience full capacity of the tower (Image: Y Design Office) Exploring a new west ocean view (Image: Y Design Office) Embracing panoramic view at the private exterior space - custom feature balcony (Image: Y Design Office) Enjoying Victoria Harbor view with double-height living space at 65th floor, south orientation (Image: Y Design Office) Delivering customized unit to the site (Image: Y Design Office) Diverse public programs at specific areas on each floor; every five floor, public zones are intended to serve the public (Image: Y Design Office) Experiencing Model making (Photo: Tony Yam) Dreaming of ideal home - unit L16 (Image: Y Design Office) Selecting your favorite unit type with specific custom features from catalog (Image: Y Design Office)


Experiencing "The Street" - bridge/atrium/corridor/sky garden spaces from the core towards the residential units (Image: Y Design Office)

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