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Oct '11 - Mar '12

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    Jan Jelinek & Visomat Inc. - Modell Statt Berlin

    Time for Mixtape's sophomore post: I decided to stay very close to the realm of architecture and chose "Modell Statt Berlin" as the first featured track in this series. A short film collaboration from 2004 between Berlin-based minimal techno and glitch house wunderkind Jan Jelinek (a.k.a. Farben, Gramm, and many others) and media artists Visomat Inc., the music builds up slowly, introduces its looped sound modules, breaks them down just to reloop them again, corresponding to the visuals that depict a model of East Berlin.

    Jazz in the Clicks & Cuts age. Enjoy.

    Jan Jelinek & Visomat Inc. - Modell Statt Berlin (2004)

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