Michael Mercado

Michael Mercado

Brooklyn, NY, US


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        In May 2013 I received my undergraduate degree in Architecture from Pratt Institute. I became interested in the technique of perspective and the use of material through my father’s photography at a young age, which led to the discovery of a creative passion leading to Architecture.
        I began studying Architecture in high school where I learned basic hand drafting and space organization skills. Attending three years at Brookdale Community College, I learned advanced approaches to a variety of artistic skills and a foundation for the appreciation of Architecture. Here I earned the privilege to serve as Project Manager in a design studio leading four student colleagues to complete a sustainable residential living community. My exploration in conceptual design began with form, light, material, perspective and organization.
        Finishing my education at Pratt Institute strengthened my ability to bring concept and notion into the real world augmented by technical skills. I assumed several responsibilities at Pratt which range from multi-tasking group efforts ranging from presentation, research, model making and design issues. I have become accustom to a rigorous and responsible work ethic.
        Currently, I am looking to fulfill my responsibility as an Architect by gaining work experience and exploring the limits of architecture in the New York area.


Applied Drawing, Brooklyn, NY, US, Architectural Intern

Design Development: 15%
Duties in Design Development phase ranged from translating sketches from Supervising Architect into AutoCAD and reworking redlined drawings to schematic rendering. I often had to provide different iterations of specific details as technical drawings, 3d modeled and rendered perspectives to be sent to the client for selection.

Construction Document: 80%
Duties in Construction Document phase consisted of all responsibilities from beginning to end of a complete document set. I provided construction documents for all necessary drawings; plans, sections, elevations and details. Drawings were prepared to be used in field by contractor and/or to be sent out to receive an estimate. I continuously corrected redlined drawings to maintain a complete drawing set. This was often done for multiple projects simultaneously. Time management and good organization were a necessity.

Rendering: 5%
I often provided schematic renderings of several iterations of specific details to clients for approval. Meticulous details consisted of railing heights and materials, window location and sizes, appearance of different construction techniques.

Jan 2013 - May 2013


Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, US, BArch, Architecture

Sep 2010 - May 2013

Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ, US, Architecture

Sep 2007 - May 2010


AECOM: UrbanSOS Frontiers - International Student Competition, Honorable Mention

Recognized in top 30 submissions.


Presidential Merit, Scholarship

Scholarship awarded for outstanding GPA and portfolio development.


Presidential Merit, Scholarship

Scholarship awarded for outstanding GPA and portfolio development.


Presidential Merit, Scholarship

Scholarship awarded for outstanding GPA and portfolio development.


Kurr Foundation, Scholarship

Scholarship awarded for outstanding GPA.


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