Adi Kamelgaren

Adi Kamelgaren

Brooklyn, NY, US


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Bachelor's degree in architecture from Tel-Aviv University Israel & in Mathematics and Computer Science from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Israel.
6 years of work experience in a vast range of projects in different scales, urban planning and design, urban parks, environmental and landscape, historic preservation in Jerusalem, sustainable design in the desert , residential projects, commercial and more. 
Eager to learn more and gain experience.
Currently living in Brooklyn and looking for an Internship.
About to continue my academic studies in the following year.



Meshberg Group, Brooklyn, NY, US, Architectural Designer (Internship)

Jan 2014 - Jun 2014

Avner Drori - Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape design, Zur Hadassah, Israel, Architect

New Neighborhoods, Sport Center, swimming pool & Residence (Kibbutz Hulda, Kibbutz Sha’alabim); Resort Hotel (Kibbutz Revadim); Winery - visitor’s center, resort hotel (‘Nana’ Vineyards); Ben-Gurion Park (City of Dimona); Restoration and preservation (Kibbutz Nir-Am British Pillbox); Visitor’s Center (Manara Cliff); Landscape/architecture design-competition, 1st place (Route 6, section 7); Landscape analysis and research (oil Shale fracking in the Lachish-Adolam region).

Job duties
•Preparing Strategic Plan and new zoning regulations for Kibbuz Hulda.
•Developing neighborhood plans for two new residential neighborhoods in Kibbutz.
•Presenting plans to regional and local authority.
•Submitting Building Permits for sport center and resort hotel in Kibbutz, for Park in Dimona and for a wine and tourist farm (including winery, resort hotel and visitors center).
•Participating in committees and meetings with authorities, developers and clients.
•Preparing presentations and presenting to developers, committees, clients and authorities.
•Researching and writing a landscape analysis for Oil Shale fracking in Israel, as part of an ecology annex submitted to the regional committee (included field and online research, analyzing historic maps, presenting topography and physical context, field survey and panoramic photographing).
•Landscape design for a new highway section in Israel (Route 6, section 7). Design includes bridges, tunnels and roadside buildings (got 1st place in a competition).
•Preparing residential buildings permits.
•Preparing construction plans sets.
•Co-managing projects schedules.
•3D modeling of exterior and interior design for different types of residence.
•Designing residential buildings.
•Designing commercial area (including a gas station, commercial building and office–buildings).
•Designing a sustainable wine and tourist farm in the Desert (including a winey, resort hotel and visitor’s center).
•Designing construction details, kitchens layout, millwork items and more.
•Shop drawings - furniture and millwork.
•Designing from concept to Shop drawings - pergolas and outdoors furniture for a park in Dimona.
•Preparing a restoration and preservation plan, including permits and landscape design.
•Conducting sites visits during various stages of construction.

AutoCAD, Photoshop, SketchUp, 3ds Max, V-ray, Taba-Mavat (Urban planning software), MS Office.

Jun 2011 - Aug 2013

DK Architects, Jerusalem, Israel, Architectural Designer

Residence, new construction and interior architectural design (Jerusalem, Jerusalem Area and Eilat).

Job duties
•Preparing residential buildings permits (for new buildings and for additions to existing buildings).
•Co-managing of projects schedules.
•Preparing design and presentations for clients.
•Preparing full construction plans sets.
•Coordinating engineering systems into projects design.
•Designing furniture, millwork, kitchens layout and bathrooms from concept to shop-drawings.
•Conducting sites visits during various stages of construction

AutoCAD, Photoshop, MS Office.

Nov 2010 - May 2011

Arad-Simon Architects and Urban Planners, Jerusalem, Israel, Architect

Urban planning, urban design and preservation (Nakhla’ot historic district, Jerusalem); Urban planning/urban design - alternate energy parks and student dormitories (Kibbutz Ketura); Building survey, renovation and renewal (Gerard Behar Performance Center, Jerusalem); Permits, restoration and expansion (Musrara School of Photography, Jerusalem); Urban planning/urban design - Post Office, pre-k/school, bicycle paths and public areas (Jerusalem); Competition team (Eilat city municipal building - 3rd place); proposal for competition (Special needs center, Jerusalem).

Job duties
•Master Plan for the historic district of Nakhla’ot in Jerusalem.
•Defining new guidelines for the landmarks preservation commission of Jerusalem.
•Performing field and online research for urban design of the historic district of Nakhla’ot.
•Preparing master Plan for Kibbutz Ketura.
•Designing a sustainable alternate energy parks and student dormitories in the Desert.
•Designing a sustainable building for Eilat city municipality, competition entry, 3rd place.
•Participating in committees and meetings with authorities, developers and clients.
•3D modeling and simulations for urban design projects.
•Preparing 3D modeling and presentations for competitions entries.
•Preparing design presentations for authorities and clients.
•Preparing building permits (for new buildings and for additions to existing buildings, according to landmarks preservation guidelines).
•Preparing construction plans sets.
•Coordinating engineering systems into projects design.
•Co-managing of projects schedules.
•Designing street furniture, urban equipment and furniture for parks, public spaces and other architectural projects.
•Designing construction details, kitchens layout, bathrooms and more.
•Shop-drawings for furniture and millwork.
•Conducting sites visits during various stages of construction.

AutoCAD, Photoshop, SketchUp, 3ds Max, MasterPlan (project management system), MS Office.

Mar 2009 - Oct 2010

Z.Mosessco Architect & Town Planner Ltd., Herzlia Pituach, Israel, Student/Architect (Internship)

Participating in competition teams (Light Rail Depot, Petah-Tikva; Elco Offices, Netanya; Community Center, Ashdod); Factory for composite materials (Israel Aerospace Industries); Auditorium building (Shizafon Army base); Infirmary building (Army base in southern Israel); Protected building (northern Israel).

Job duties
•Preparing building permits.
•Preparing construction plans sets.
•Preparing design presentations for clients.
•Licensing plans applications and related reports to the Metropolitan Mass Transit System.
•Preliminary design for competition entry.
•Designing military buildings.
•Designing commercial buildings.
•Designing brochure and an office banner.

AutoCAD, Photoshop, MS Office.

Sep 2007 - Aug 2008


Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel, BArch, Architecture

Oct 2004 - Jun 2009

Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheba, Israel, Bachelors, Mathematics and Computer Science degree

Oct 1996 - Jun 1999


Eilat Municipality Competition, 3rd Place

Third Place - Eilat Municipality Competition (Israel association of united architects)
participation in the design team, Arad Simon Architects and Urban Planners

June 2009


Areas of Specialization 


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