I'm a little bit disappointed at staedelschule SAC

May 3 '14 2 Last Comment
May 3, 14 2:07 am

I got the admission from staedelschule architecture class,

I was excited at first but  after I found the student's works on SAC website.

To be honest , I really disappointed about the qualities of works.

I can explore some relatively new concept in their works.


However, I saw their architecture drawings and renderings are sort of rough, not appealing .

I know the most important thing for architecture education is to know how to think and entrench your own theory .

but the final works' quality can show others how much effort you made.


Should I go to Staedelschule for my master education?


May 3, 14 2:41 am

Its and excellent school but if you are not confident in your own abilities or positions in architecture and looking for someone to teach you design, don't go there-its programme assumes you know those bits and is there to make you an excellent architect -

May 3, 14 3:57 am

It's one of the best schools in Europe if you are  into their " thing ".....

Great student works and the faculty members are world-class. Give it a try !

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