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Mar 27 '14 2 Last Comment
Matthew Bianco-SplannMatthew Bianco-Splann
Mar 27, 14 9:57 am

Hey all,

I was wondering if I could get some serious advice here on which of these two schools to attend:

SCI-Arc M.Arch 1 (3 years, 7 terms)

USC M.Arch (3 years, 6 terms) - This is the first year that USC is offering this program, so I think there are pros and cons in that alone as well!

If money were not an issue (which it is, but I don't want it to be a deciding factor), which would you advise me to attend?  What are the pros and cons of these two schools?  How different are the educations?  I'd like to hear from anyone who has some good advice to bestow on me, a neophyte of the architectural world!

Thank you so much!


Mar 27, 14 10:50 am

Money is an issue.  You're doing yourself a disservice for ignoring that deciding factor.

Mar 27, 14 11:10 am

Sorry, also, I think there's a good deal of cross over among studio instructors at both Sci-Arc and USC.  Obviously the M.Arch program is new, but there's an awesome B.Arch program and my guess is that the USC program will be able to capitalize on a lot of the resources of the undergrad program (see: Cornell M.Arch I program).

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