presenting the post-contractor (or integrating built work into the entry level portfolio)

Jan 21 '14 0
Andrew ChaveasAndrew Chaveas
Jan 21, 14 2:06 pm

After two fascinating and astoundingly educational years in the building industry (1.5 with a glass subcontractor and going on 1.5 with a large GC) I've come to the realization that I do actually want to be an living, breathing, and functioning architect.

The greater challenge is how to showcase these skills when applying for entry level architecture position. So world, I need your help.

Is it powerful enough to show current built projects and shuffle in some older academic work to show that I can draw toilet details, think conceptually about site and program integration, and take into account that installing a thermostat on the feature millwork wall is a bad idea?

I have been told many times that working for a GC will only benefit me, but what exactly do I showcase to the power players when interviewing as a post-contractor, entry-level team member?



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