low grades in Bachelors- need to apply for masters

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ram naresh sarvan
Jan 1, 14 3:35 pm


I am a B.Arch Holder from india. i want to do masters in grade percentage is 59.4%. I have agood portfolio and work experience for two years with good projects. i can satisfy all the requirments expect grades, mine is 0.6% less than the requiremnt for all the colleges in UK and Netherlands. 

Please suggest me how to overcome this deficiency.

i wanted to getinto Bartlett or Edinburgh.

Please suggest me.


Jan 1, 14 4:10 pm

Are we to assume your GPA is not an indicator for the rest of your accolades?

Jan 1, 14 6:25 pm

Exactly. Why was your GPA so low, and what do you plan to do differently in graduate school? Or put another way, if you were reviewing applications for Bartlett, would you accept an applicant like you?

If your portfolio is excellent, you can conceivably overcome the GPA problem, but you're going to be up against students with excellent portfolios and excellent GPAs. If the portfolio isn't that great, you may just have to apply to less selective schools. 

ram naresh sarvan
Jan 1, 14 10:21 pm

@ natematt: may be yes my gpa doesnt indicate that i am poor in all ways.

@ placebeyondthesplines: thanks a lot. I had sent a request letter for bartlett and edinburgh, they replied me that I can apply if i have a extensice practical experience. whcih I do have about two years and I have a good academis portfolio with some winning competetions entries, social oriented studies etc.

Jan 1, 14 11:16 pm

Is your portfolio posted somewhere online that we can see it? We can give you a much better idea of your chances if we know what else you are working with.

ram naresh sarvan
Jan 3, 14 1:00 am

i am working on my portfolio.....will upload very soon

Jan 3, 14 8:01 am

The best way ot overcome a low GPA is to wait a few years before applying to grad school.  During that time, hopefully your professional work experience will start to stand out adn admissions will be less likely ot care about your grades from 4-5 years ago.

Jan 3, 14 6:37 pm

"I can apply if i have a extensice practical experience. whcih I do have about two years and I have a good academis portfolio with some winning competetions entries, social oriented studies etc."

Err... I know that work experience tends to be the great equalizer for an undergraduate GPA, but ~2 years was about standard before entering masters at the schools I attended. I would say 2 years of work is really the norm - exceptional would be a longer time out at a high-level office.

Not to be a downer, but I'd echo some of the other posters - this board gets flooded each year with people asking in November how they can overcome their low GPA for a Masters application, then fuming in April when they haven't heard back from anywhere.

Jan 3, 14 9:39 pm

I will say its advisable to spend some more years working before you apply. (just as someone else before has advised). I was in London at the Architectural Association and have friends who were studying at the Bartlett and although the school will ask you to apply, GPA does matter. Especially if your work experience is just 2 years. Also, it would help to answer the question: Why do I want to get a Masters? A clarification on that front will help you with your conundrum.

 I applied for a masters program from India many years ago and I have to say getting a honest critique on the portfolio is very although you are tremendously confident of an unfinished portfolio, it would be good to upload it and get some comments on it. You will know where you stand.

Non Sequitur
Jan 5, 14 11:51 am

59.4% overall? I think 65% was a fail in my undergrad... and one needed to maintain something close to 80% for gradate programs.

Perhaps you should return to school and prop-up some of your grades because that's much more than a failing grade where I am from.

Jan 5, 14 12:39 pm

I think your mark is equivalent to a 2.2 in the UK.  Many who are commenting from US don't understand the differences.  Bartlett web site says it many consider 2.2 but knowing its oversubscribed, that would be exceptional. You might speak to British Council local rep for advice.  Many UK schools have a pre-masters programme for internationals - and this may be on offer at the bartlett -

The are lots of other great schools in the UK - just because Bartlett comes up on everyones list, don't think there the only one.  With an international student visa, you can work FT during the summers [without a visa] so this will also help -

good luck

Jan 5, 14 12:46 pm

UK University admission tutor know which schools in different countries produce good students - so when you are an international, a grade at a very tough school is much more different than a lesser school.  They learn this from the students they have taken into the programme.  If your marks are from a local or less prestigious university it is very unlikely anyone in the UK would make you an offer with poor marks.  Try also NARIC website - apply to get an equivalency statement.

Jan 6, 14 5:27 pm

@ram naresh sarvan


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