Princeton MArch 1 Application

Dec 21 '13 2 Last Comment
Dec 21, 13 9:13 pm

Hi all,

This is very last minute- but I wanted to see someone had confirmation of the max. number of pages for this year's Princeton apps. I've rearranged my spreads for the printed version which has added a few pages.

Cheers guys,



Dec 21, 13 11:32 pm

I have scoured their admission pages before I sent my app in and I never saw any note on the number of pages. Just know that it is:

No bigger than 8.5/11, no loose sheets/original drawings, no lavish packaging (nuts & bolt bindings, etc) and only submitted via physical copy by the 31st. Oh and include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like your portfolio returned to you.

That is literally all they tell you, use your best judgement from there.

Good luck!

Dec 22, 13 1:50 am

That's all I could get too! Thanks- good luck to you as well!

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