Temple 4+2 Program (Transfer)

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Nov 10, 13 7:58 pm

I am currently in the process of applying to grad schools for my M.Arch as I am graduating NYC College of Technology with a BTech in Architectural Technology.  I was just wondering if anyone has gotten into a 4+2 in which the school has accepted their 4 year degree from a different university.

"The Master of Architecture degree is available to students who acquire the Temple Architecture Department’s 4-year BS Architecture degree program or students who apply from other 4-year pre-professional degree programs with equivalent course content to the Temple University B.S. Architecture degree program"

I was also wondering if they would accept a BTech because their 4 year program is a B.Sci, looking into the curriculum I have classes that are nearly identical to their current requirements.

I plan on calling tomorrow for more information but thought I would see if anyone has been in a similar situation.  I also have a 3.9 GPA and decent portfolio not sure if that could possibly factor in.  Thanks!


Nov 10, 13 8:16 pm

This always depends directly on the schools, both where you did undergrad and where you hope to do your masters. It is always case-by-case.

I will say that those technical programs, at least from what I have seen in the past, typically do not qualify as an equivalent. Most likely they would put you in the 3-year program but with some classes waived.

Just give them a call - you wont find the info you need here.

Nov 10, 13 8:46 pm

Thanks for the fast response, that's is what I figured just thought I would see if anyone fell into a similar situation.

I am not sure if they even offer a 3 year program I believe 4+2 is the only option unless they tailor it case by case.  But like you said Im sure a call will get me all the info

Nov 10, 13 8:51 pm

never mind I believe they do

"The Department offers the following degrees:

    -Bachelor of Science in Architecture pre-professional degree

    -National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) accredited Bachelor of Architecture degree, five-year, for students who entered through fall of 2009

    -National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) accredited Master of Architecture degree, two-year track, for students who receive a 4-year pre-professional bachelor’s degree program in architecture, three year track for students who receive a bachelor’s program in other disciplines or in a non-pre-professional architecture program"

Nov 11, 13 2:02 am

Why Temple? If you are graduating already, you should apply somewhere else better since you going to do 3 years in many places that you apply to.

Nov 11, 13 10:46 am

I went through Temple's 5-year B.Arch program. The B.Arch program is much better than the M.Arch as of right now, though the program is definitely young and has a lot of potential...

Ultimately, if you go to Temple, it all depends on your individual ambition. My experience was that you can make it as easy or as difficult as you want the program to be. You can learn a lot and get as much guidance from your professors if you show them you care about the work and their time. If you don't show up to studio, or if you don't take their advice, they will treat you and your work the same way you treat them.

Nov 11, 13 12:50 pm

^  I don't much about Temple.  I only knew of Penn, Drexel, and this one small school that once had a weird name that offered architecture.  Temple is public, IIR.

Well, yeah, I agree about showing up to studio but, about taking their advice, is debate and agreeing to disagree ever allowed?  Sure, most of the time you agree with your profs, but there have been times you agree to disagree if you a have a good reason, you're not that far off from each other, and they nod ok.  Most of the time, I heard "looks good, keep working on it."  I didn't feel like I got my money's worth in studio in terms of dialogue while, for others, profs were practically sketching up what these students should be doing.

Is Temple technical, balanced, or artsy-fartsy, BB?

Nov 11, 13 1:27 pm

Temple is theory-based... we had many prof's from Harvard, Princeton, Penn, and Sci-Arc... Since it is part of the Tyler School of Art, it is Artsy... 

Temple has gotten a lot of awards recently, beating out many of the other schools in the region in local competitions like the Stewardson. I thought the undergrad program was amazing- especially for the money... The only comment I would make is that depending on the nature of the people you who were in your class, you'd get a mix of projects that were really not very creative... I sometimes did not feel challenged in my studio class because the studio dynamic was not very competitive. Some person would spend a few hours on a project, while others several all-nighters. If you are an independent person, this should not be an issue, but I was hoping going into the program, that everyone would show the same level of enthusiasm about architecture... For me- I really didn't care whether or not I spent all night doing my work. In fact, I loved it because even if I was not the most productive, I would be in an environment that I really liked and surrounded by work that more or less inspired me. Going out to parties, although fun, was less interesting than making models or hanging out in studio. 

Nov 11, 13 1:57 pm

I sometimes did not feel challenged in my studio class because the studio dynamic was not very competitive.

If you are an independent person, this should not be an issue

Going out to parties, although fun, was less interesting than making models or hanging out in studio.

Interesting.  I, too, experienced a studio dynamic where it was not competitive and, for some, an apathetic endeavor.  It was sort of inexcusable at a decent school.  Some students viewed it as just another course, and not the focal point of the curriculum.

Independence is what a-school is all about.  You budget your time.  You chart your course.

The parties were boring.  A bunch of dolts hanging around a keg.  Why not a road trip or going to watch a game, instead?

OP Keith,  BTech is indeed a good precursor to a-school.  What will impact where you slot into these programs is the amount of design studios you've had, and they'll be scouring that on your transcript.  Hopefully, your portfolio is strong, and they'll put you into the +2 program, wherever you go.

Nov 11, 13 11:14 pm

Thanks for all the responses and feedback!  I am applying to a number of schools all in New York, but recently visited Philly and although Temple isn't in the best area I liked Center City and the proximity to New York.  The more I read about the program it does seem to be up and coming.

Observant, I have had been in 6 design studios, have what I like to believe is a strong portfolio in progress, a 3.9 GPA.  My GRE Verbal is a little lower than I was hoping however I have been studying and will be retaking it within the next few weeks.

I am currently in a program that I feel is very similar where "what you put in is what you get back"  We have some great professors from Columbia and Pratt with a heavy software/fabrication department, but we also have a varied range in student effort.

Nov 12, 13 12:49 am

^ Six design studios during a BTech program sounds good.  That parallels what most BA and BS programs in architecture offer.  Good luck!  Also, if the bachelor's was tech-y, then cut loose on the design end.  Just kidding.  You could go either way on that.  Architecture school is not art school in my book.

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