Vacation/Sick/Personal Time Survey

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Troy BrownTroy Brown
Oct 28, 13 5:56 pm

I guess this is really a question for those that work in firms with HR policies.  I am curious as to what the current trends are related to vacation/sick time,comp time etc....  At my small firm, we currently get 2 weeks vacation, and no formal sick leave (they don't really sweat it if it isn't a chronic thing).  OT is supposedly considered into a bonus at the end of the year, but I have no evidence to support that claim (it seems to be based upon position).  I am curious what the policies of other firms are in this regard.  Does vacation time escalate with regards to tenure at the firm?  Is there personal time separate from sick leave and vacation pay?  Any insight that you are willing to share would be helpful.  We are trying to gauge where our firm is in relation to other firms, and hopefully use this information to negotiate escalation in vacation time (at minimum) based upon tenure at the firm.


Non Sequitur
Oct 28, 13 9:18 pm

2 weeks sick, 2 weeks vacation (more after 5 years), OT past 35hrs/week and a few days for personal leave and refunds on gym costs. We are a small office of 20 people.

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