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Oct 7, 13 12:27 pm

This is regarding , pursuing masters in architecture in USA
I completed my 5 years B.Arch degree course from Rachna Sansad, Academy of architecture,with G.P.A. slight higher than 3.0. Mumbai.from year 2007-2012
I am practicing in a architectural firm as an architect,I am getting a lot of new things to learn,and a whole new experience of the professional world.
I am planning to do masters in Advanced Architecture and I am applying for the same (U.S.A.) in fall 2014 .
My interest is mostly towards designing individual buildings technically as well as aesthetically.I enjoy making 3-dimentional views a lot.
I am not sure which M.arch to go for ,I mean path 2 or 3 and how many credit hours should i opt for.
Why is GRE important for this creative field?
I have a descent portfolio. 
Does GRE play a major role in admissions? as during 5 years of bachelors degree i wasn't in touch with quants. and the verbal part is very tricky.It doubt I will get a good score.

Please guide me in this critical situation.


Oct 7, 13 2:28 pm

Does GRE play a major role in admissions?

No. It does not. A few schools require a minimum, but the vast majority just need you to take it and not get a uniquely low score.

My interest is mostly towards designing individual buildings technically as well as aesthetically.I enjoy making 3-dimentional views a lot.

Your interests, unfortunately, are too broad to narrow down any schools. Figure out what you think architecture is to you, and how you approach it. Then research schools and their programs. For example, MIT will lean heavily towards large social-impacting ideas and technology in architecture, over schools like SCI-Arch that are known more for great model work, integration with other disciplines, construction, etc.

My question to you is: Why do you want to pursue your masters? You have a 5-year B.Arch so you are probably accredited and are on track to get your license. Not to mention you have a job, which is not easy to come by, and you admitted yourself that you are learning a lot there. MArchs are not cheap and they take a few years out of your 20s, so you need to have strong reasons for wanting to do this. Those reasons will usually help you decide on a school and a program.

Oct 8, 13 6:21 am

Thanks for the reply. There are many reasons why I want to do masters from U.S.A. 

I will try my level best to keep my interest up during my m.arch studies and throughout my life.:)

Oct 8, 13 6:54 am

From what I heard, GRE does matter if you apply to good schools like Harvard, Princeton, Yale etc.  Some applicants who did not get accepted went back and did their GRE again for a higher score the following year and got accepted but it may also have been their updated portfolio ;)

Oct 8, 13 11:35 pm

Thank you. :)

Oct 11, 13 4:08 am

I would be more than happy if I get more comments .

Oct 12, 13 1:58 am

Nishant have you thought about IAAC, Spain? Also, ICD-Stuttgart and AADRL-London these courses do not require a GRE, its cheaper than the US and taught/chaired by the same visiting faculty that teach similar courses at GSD or MIT.

Oct 12, 13 9:33 am

Thanks for replying, but i am thinking of staying back and working for some time in usa, on the other hand, Europe will not allow me to do that.. :(

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