Oct 1 '13 3 Last Comment
Oct 1, 13 1:08 pm

Anyone familiar with RhinoBim?


boy in a well
Oct 2, 13 3:15 am

nope. (well, I've seen the webpage before . . .)

did you go to the diebenkorn show at the de young?

Oct 2, 13 12:04 pm

Uh Oh - I forgot, I was wandering around sketching as usual and never made it out to the park - 

boy in a well
Oct 2, 13 3:39 pm

the lighting in the de young is meh . . .

but the show was excellent, a really great selection of his work. It was a walk through the classics. It was, I hate to say, not to be missed!


and a northern California crowd at a diebenkorn show is hilarious - its  like sports: you can feel the love.

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