Get Robbed near U Penn

Jul 10 '13 2 Last Comment
Tianxin LuoTianxin Luo
Jul 10, 13 1:23 am

I would say if you have multiple choices, dont come to U Penn anyway, or you should live really near by the main campus (I would say 34-40 street)

BTW, U penn is really a good school, the courses in summer is fairly intensive, you don't have any time to sleep tho.However, the places are too far away from satisfactory. 


Donna SinkDonna Sink
Jul 10, 13 1:32 am

Wait...are you getting robbed by a mugger for pocket change, or by the university for way over-inflated tuition?

Jul 10, 13 11:56 am

Same question as Donna's here: literal?  Or figurative?

I visited the Penn campus last month for the first time, to see Kahn's Richards Lab complex.  It's worth the trip from Center City.

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