english speaking architecture school for master

Jun 30 '13 2 Last Comment
Jun 30, 13 11:55 pm

I wonder if anyone knows an english architecture school for master which I can apply foe september semester in europe.I really appriciate it


Jul 1, 13 5:38 am

If your from a non-eu country, your chances are slim as you will need a visa and application review often takes up to 4 weeks. And it sounds by your writing that perhaps you need to take IELTS and meet a minimum standard generally 6.5 across all test for Masters - this is the case in UK and US.  

Some schools allow lower, however can say if you don't have this standard you are throwing your money down the tubes as you will not understand, be able to write or communicate to the level of expected.  If you need to improve your english skills suggest coming at least 6 months ahead of the course [1 year better] and do an english course.

Jul 20, 13 8:57 am

Hello guys,

For those of you interested in the best masters please take a look.

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