I mean footbridge, not catwalk (I did speculate on a mega-catwalk though)

Apr 25 '13 0
Apr 25, 13 4:16 pm

In general, I mean "footbridge", "flyover", in other words, as in elevated platforms built for use by pedestrians, generally to cross avenues, for instance.

I did however speculate on the possibility of a footbridge mixing this function with that of a catwalk, as a way to make it feasible in sophisticated neighborhood where famous designers promote fashion shows once year, as a way to make the first function.

It's a more far-fetched idea that intend to develop or elaborate on, but first I would like to approach the cases where the benefits of such mega-footbridges would be more relevant, as in avenues in less affluent areas with gigantic traffic jams that are regularly the taken by savage floods.

Marco Juliano e Silva


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