Is any Cooper Union prospective student out there?

Mar 24 '13 11 Last Comment
Hancheng ChenHancheng Chen
Mar 24, 13 3:57 am

Hi all,

I've just got the offer from the cooper union MArch II program and I'll be glad to know if someone who will also attend Cooper this fall.

One of my colleagues too got the Cooper MArch II offer and maybe we’ll set off from Taiwan around Jun-July. If you’ll attend the CU this fall and now thinking about how to find a roomie in NY or you just want to meet your schoolmate before term begins, please feel free to leave some words or directly contact with me. Thanks :)

Here is my e-mail:
You can also find me in FB by typing this e-mail.


Mar 24, 13 5:32 am

No i am not get this chance yet but hear about it many time from my friends and they always in the favor of union so i think if you got this chance so you can attend. i hope this will be useful for you.

Mar 24, 13 9:59 am

Aha, I'm going to NYC as well, not in Copper, but columbia summer studio. I know some people in Cooper, M.Arch 2 program, but not this year. Maybe we can meet in NY. BTW, are you from Tunghai?

Hancheng ChenHancheng Chen
Mar 25, 13 1:35 am

Hi Kaiho, nice to meet you. I graduated from ChengKung not Tunghai. I also have several friends who currently study in CU and the others have recently graduated from CU. 

Hancheng ChenHancheng Chen
Mar 25, 13 1:57 am

hi saimgee, i have decided to study in CU. Thanks

Mar 26, 13 6:46 pm

I have been accepted to MArch II at Cooper; however, I will be declining this offer and going to another school. Best of Luck!

Hancheng ChenHancheng Chen
Mar 27, 13 1:06 am

Dear mtt9999, thanks for your respond. I think you've got a better choice, congratulations! If possible, I hope you would be willing to share your portfolio to us :)

Mar 27, 13 10:27 am

Thanks! I am sure you will have an excellent time at Cooper Union. I would love to go there, but I am looking more toward research. Here is my portfolio:

Hancheng ChenHancheng Chen
Mar 28, 13 5:18 am

very impressive portfolio! Thanks for sharing :)

Apr 9, 13 11:42 pm

Hey 我是台灣人 and I am going to Cooper as well! (just Im in undergraduate program) I will be really glad to meet you guys beforehand! (me on facebook:

Hancheng ChenHancheng Chen
Apr 10, 13 2:32 am

hi Ines, it's a pleasure to meet you. When will you head to NY?

Apr 10, 13 10:41 pm

hey nice to meet you too! well I am guessing probably around mid August tho, cause I will be in TW during the summer for internship....你們開始找房子了嗎?是不是貴得搥心肝?

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