Harvard GSD MDesS Sustainable Design

Mar 6 '13 1 Last Comment
Mar 6, 13 11:29 pm

Hey there,

Is there anyone here who applied to the MDesS Sustainable Design program at the GSD?

Am thinking of applying for next fall and am wondering what type of architectural background / experience would be helpful.

What are they looking for in a potential student? 

Am in my last year of B. Arch at CMU, we have a good grad. program, but am thinking of being somewhere else other than Pittsburgh for the past 5 years!



Jul 23, 13 9:29 pm

Hey karno27,

Well I'm actually pretty much in the same situation. I've heard that the program accepts many non-architects and is thus diverse in that sense.

But for the sustainable concentration you would probably need to have a background more oriented to environmental design, any projects where you carried out simulations etc. As for what they look for in a student-well I'm guessing Harvard standards apply here!

Like I said I'm thinking it over too is sorry if I'm not much help :)

I would also be interested in knowing how much design is integrated in the program-I guess that would tell you the importance of your portfolio.

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