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Dec 11 '07 11 Last Comment
Dec 11, 07 12:00 pm

i have a crit coming up and need some background info on 1 of the crits: from archi-tectonics, winka dubbeldam. who is she, what does she like, is she any good? it could help me prepare, thnx alot


Dec 11, 07 2:06 pm

never heard of her, but for some reason this comes to mind...

Dec 11, 07 2:34 pm
Dec 11, 07 2:34 pm

are you at columbia?

Dec 11, 07 2:35 pm

dammson, shouldn't that have gone in the 'separated at birth' thread?
(that [i]is[/i[actually winnona ryder, right?)

PS: my mother let me name her dog after ms. dubbeldam

brian buchalski
Dec 11, 07 2:46 pm

yes, i've heard of her. i think that she likes good, eye-popping, mind-blowing projects. if you've done that then you should be fine.

Dec 11, 07 2:47 pm

what up, k?! what's your first studio project in grad school?

yeah, someone have posted the winona/winka resemblance in the separated thread

Dec 11, 07 9:42 pm


well. t-15 hours, and I've lost all confidence and decided my project sucks. This usually doesn't happen....

Dec 11, 07 9:59 pm

so, I am getting nervous now, and taking a break to wrap xmas presents. calming.

Dec 11, 07 10:05 pm

the great thing is that you're done fifteen hours before it's due. that's incredible actually.

Dec 11, 07 10:09 pm

does alcohol counteract caffine-anxiety??

I'm not done, just panicking at how little can be done in 15 hours. At least Winka isn't on my jury!!!!

Chase Dammtor
Dec 11, 07 10:12 pm

don't count on winka showing up even if she's on the list.

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