Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Sci-Arc?

Feb 27 '13 4 Last Comment
Feb 27, 13 9:16 am

Currently I'm on the east coast. I'm wondering what the reputation is for each of these Masters programs out west, or if anyone has insight as to which is a more reputable. I am strongly considering CA for graduate school.


Feb 27, 13 10:03 am

If you want to experience beatiful weather every day for a change , I would go to Ca, although I dont know anything about the schools themselves

Feb 27, 13 12:42 pm

If you are going 3 year: UCLA, Berkeley, USC*, Sci-Arc

If you are going 2 year, and how some structures/tech under your belt:  Berkeley, UCLA, USC*, Sci-Arc

*USC, much like Cal Poly SLO, has the B.Arch. as its principal program, so I am NOT aware of its graduate offerings, but know that it has produced the majority of SoCal's architects.

Feb 27, 13 2:32 pm

Ok. Thanks for the input. Is Berkeley pretty well respected for their concurrent MArch/MCP program vs UCLA?

Feb 27, 13 7:07 pm

I think when you look at schools that are relevant to the discourse of where architecture is headed, who are thrown in the mix whether controversial or accepted, the answer is going to be sciarc, and you will have many fighting tooth and nail against it, but it only shows how relevant the school is to the discussion of architecture.

No one talks about schools that are irrelevant.

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