Explaine a gap on resume for M.Arch grad school

Dec 16 '12 2 Last Comment
Dec 16, 12 8:43 pm

I am applying to M.Arch programs and I have about a year gap in my resume that I took off to travel.  I was wondering if this is something I should address in my resume submitted with my application.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Dec 16, 12 9:00 pm

I wouldn't think its such a big deal for grad school, but while looking for a job, maybe.

Kamu Kakizaki
Dec 18, 12 3:39 pm

i'd even highlight the fact that you're traveled for a year, since its broadened your perspective on the world (and architecture). i'm personally jealous i was only able to backpack around for one month before i ran out of money! 

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