Are any architecture schools insisting on solely drawing by hand still?

Dec 7 '12 4 Last Comment
Dec 7, 12 1:32 am

Or have they all moved on to accepting CAD as the new status quo? Specific names would be great! Thank you!


Dec 7, 12 7:11 am

University of Manitoba in Winnipeg was/is very focused on drawing. I wouldn't say that cad, 3d modelling, or digital production in general are necessarily looked down upon, just that they're not really taught as a part of the curriculum, and that alternative modes of architectural representation are encouraged. Lots of student work combines hand-drawn, physical-models, mixed-media, collage, montage.


In the States, I'd say that perhaps Cooper Union is the most similar.

Dec 7, 12 9:29 am

Notre Dame

Mar 21, 13 1:30 pm

i'm so glad that someone mentioned u of manitoba here.. 

it's a great architecture school, it pays lots of emphasis on drawings and hand-making..

i guess the reason that people seldom hear about the school is simply the location.. small city, the coldest in Canada, not many people want to go there..

Mar 21, 13 2:50 pm

I am sure a vast number of schools, hand drawing is the regular for the earlier studio's. Though I know at a lot of school's rhino is now taught in the first semester, but I am from the group that believes the quicker you transition the student to digital tools the better.

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