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Michael MukairaMichael Mukaira
Nov 22, 12 4:07 am

Recently applied to Yale School of Arch.unfortunately they could not offer me a chance,......i submitted a copy of this portfolio [],.......need some critic on it.


ka em
Nov 22, 12 6:53 pm

Michael, I would recommend you to check out the more successful portfolios on archinect. Also see other threads showing how other Ivy League aspirants form their portfolio. You can start here:

More importantly, a place like Yale would want to see your conceptual and critical thinking ability, and not how you have managed such and such projects or your software ability. Remember this is your portfolio and not your resume.

Don't be discouraged.

Michael MukairaMichael Mukaira
Nov 23, 12 1:13 am

Thanks so much Muhamamad, i think i just innocently just compiled my portfolio without checking out a few samples on the net and when they did not give me an offer i felt so low and discouraged about my M.Arch, but maybe i could have also applied to other universities,.....i wish some one would guide me on this, i did my B.Arch in Russian and this time i want my M.Arch in English especially in the US, New York, because my main language is English.

Nov 26, 12 4:12 pm

michael can repost the link to your portfolio. I'd like to take a look at it.

Nov 29, 12 3:49 pm

yeah it says page not found

ka em
Nov 29, 12 4:48 pm

This is the link:

Michael you don't have to add brackets [  ] around your link.

Michael MukairaMichael Mukaira
Nov 30, 12 3:18 am ok try this again Kamil Muhammad, its definitely the same. I have opened it, and the portfolio is there. Just try following this new one.

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