Recommendation Letter Type (UCLA)

Nov 7 '12 2 Last Comment
Nov 7, 12 8:05 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm filling out the application form for UCLA, and it asks me to pick the recommendation type before the website can send the request to the professors. Can anyone tell me what should the type be?

The options are: global executive MBA recommendation; graduate division recommendation; nursing MSN/MECN; nursing MSN/APN; nursing PHD; ACCESS program recommendation; electrical engineering recommendation; and physics. 

Thanks a lot!


Nov 7, 12 9:16 pm

Using POE (Process of Elimination), thanking for my study of the GRE, I can only think it is graduate division recommendation... right? (Assuming you are applying for an M.Arch)

Nov 7, 12 11:03 pm

Good point! Thanks a lot!


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