Portfolio Critique

Aug 26 '12 4 Last Comment
Aug 26, 12 6:25 pm

I am sending out "work samples" to a ton of firms in Shanghai, and just wanted the input of some people on what they thought think of them.  Its not my complete portfolio...


all critiques are welcome


Dec 6, 12 1:10 am

i did get a job in Shanghai, but kinda sad no one had anything constructive to say about my portfolio *real tears*

Dec 7, 12 2:50 am

Sorry about that. I'm not on very often. How is Shanghai treating you? 

Dec 7, 12 4:21 am

There's some real good work in there. I think you could've edited it down quite a bit but I like all your assembly diagrams. Congrats on landing a job!

Dec 11, 12 10:46 pm

thanks intotheloop

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