Alternatives to acoustical ceiling tile

Aug 21 '12 5 Last Comment
Aug 21, 12 8:23 pm

For an open office space, my client is asking for ACT (primarily for sound absorption and, then, secondarily for easy HVAC access above). In conversation, he seemed skeptical about alternatives such as lapidary panels. However, as I'm wont to do, I told him I'd return with a uniquely appealing solution.


What does the community think?


Aug 21, 12 10:29 pm

What's the budget, and what kind of space are you looking at?  They make tons of alternative products for sound absorption, but access may be another matter.

Look at wood-covered sound absorbing systems (immediate manufacturers that come to mind: Decoustics, RPG, I think Armstrong makes some), perf metal systems, gypsum-like finishes...the list goes on.

Aug 21, 12 11:13 pm

Have a look at installed work by likes of 'Ceilings Plus'. Sadly, RPG's are ugly, but still the cheapest option, and they work.

Aug 22, 12 8:24 am


Could maybe use it to accent some areas.

Aug 22, 12 9:29 am

Budget is $55/SF. This is for a central area of open workstations for a client who's converting an old warehouse into an assortment of media studios.


Ceilings Plus and Screenwood are great recommendations.

"Thank yous" all around.

Aug 22, 12 10:38 am

What about just having an open ceiling?  No access problems, and faced insulation has good NRC characteristics.

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