Trending Styles of Architecture

Jun 15 '12 4 Last Comment
Jun 15, 12 9:47 am

Which Style of Architecture you like the most and why?

  • Ancient
  • Modern, or
  • Contempory  

Jun 15, 12 11:00 am

I think we're trending toward entire populations building funerary structures for ruling despots.

Jun 15, 12 12:06 pm

...for which the construction materials are purchased at Home Despot.

Jun 16, 12 2:26 am

Zombie-proof bunkers

Jun 17, 12 12:43 am

For current economy and I think it will continue for another 5 years, I believe building with functional programme and inspiring but not fancy facade will stand out. The projects in Asia also demonstrate such trends.  Don't be fooled by some winning proposals in China, they looks cool but very expensive to build. This will be changed.  After working in China for 1 year so far, my feeling for this is stronger but not  less.

See the following examples I like.


scotts tower by OMA.

The interlace residential complex by OMA:

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